NameZombie Gunship Survival
Publisher Flaregames
Latest Version1.4.4
PlatformsAndroid 4.3, iOS 9.0
MOD FeaturesNo Overheating


Perhaps we are too familiar with games developed in the traditional Zombies style. Each game offers a different experience feel for the players to contribute to the variety about play styles of this interesting Zombies game series Zombie Gunship Survival (MOD, No Overheating). It is a game that still focuses on the Zombies, but it has a lot of new features that promise to make you feel surprised when playing the game. The game was developed by Flaregames – a publisher who is too close to players around the world through games such as Flick Arena or Dawn of Steel. We hope that Zombie Gunship Survival will be as successful as previous generations and help Flaregames become one of the biggest publishers in this time. Let’s take a closer look at this game right now.

Familiar plot

The plot in Zombie Gunship Survival still is unchanged compared with the products that are the same type. When you join the game, you will be transformed into a special force with the task of destroying all Zombies in the world to protecting the peace of all humanity. This is a very familiar scene with games built in the style of Zombies. Although it does not bring the newness, it can still make the most fastidious players feel satisfied. However, there are many surprises waiting for you in Zombie Gunship Survival. Download the game via the below APK link to enjoy the fun that the game brings right away.

Complete the given mission

Zombie Gunship Survival will take players to the ruined lands, where the plague is spread and the base of the Zombies are very terrifying. They are ready to attack anyone who dares to come here, so you should put appropriate tactics in each battle if you do not want to be killed in a flash.

The Zombies will appear all over the map, so the player must prevent them before they can overcome the defense and destroy all the population. Note, Zombies will move very fast so the tempo of each game will be pushed to the climax. You should watch the shot correctly if you do not want to get failed quickly.

In Zombie Gunship Survival, players will not directly confront the ferocious Zombies. You will attack them from the helicopter in the sky. This is also one of the important points that make this game different from the rest. With viewing from above, you will be allowed to observe the whole battlefield to give the most appropriate decision in certain scenarios. The player’s task is to shoot down as many Zombies as possible, which will help you own some of the corresponding bonuses used to upgrade weapons and shop in the game. The player will touch the map to help his character perform shoot operation. Adjust the shot angle appropriately to optimize the damage that brings, please.

Building a secret base

Not only to bring fierce battles Zombie Gunship Survival but also to allow players to build a secret base to protect humanity from the dangers of Zombies. In addition, you can upgrade the base so that it becomes secure or take the spy troops to search for materials around the world to serve this fierce battle.

All activities of players in Zombie Gunship Survival always have the presence of aggressive Zombies so you will keep alert in your decisions if you do not want to get failed quickly. In general, the gameplay of this game is really distinctive and it will bring a wonderful experience to those who love the subjects about Zombies.

Outstanding features in Zombie Gunship Survival

When you join the game, you will experience the feeling of fighting with Zombies from above. This is new something completely compared to the same products. Because it was released a long time ago, Zombie Gunship Survival was supported many languages in the world such as English, Russian, Japanese, French, etc., to helps players get the necessary information in the game easily.

The main color of the game is built in black and white style, which will give players the feeling of being in real battles, while also creating the attraction and making the player feel nervous when experiencing the game.

Image quality in Zombie Gunship Survival is really great when it is integrated into beautiful 3D graphics. The details in the game are extremely meticulous and sophisticated designed to contribute to the success of the game to the present time. The bomb effect in the game that is quite harmonious brings the fierce battle, thus portraying the powerful attacks of the aggressive Zombies.

The sound system of the game is also very lively which contributes to the atmosphere of the dark battlefield along with the horrible corpses everywhere. This is sure to make players feel scared during the game. In addition, you will hear the extremely urgent and clear warnings of the commander, which will turn the battle becomes more attractive.


Zombie Gunship Survival has very attractive gameplay combined with beautiful graphics promising to make players feel attracted from the first experience. If you are a Zombies game lover, you should not miss the appearance of this game. Join it by downloading the game to feel the unique points that it brings right away.

Zombie Gunship Survival supports both Android 4.3 and IOS 9.0 platforms, which allows players to download games quickly. In addition, the APK link is a very reasonable choice.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Zombie Gunship Survival MOD APK or Zombie Gunship Survival Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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