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The release Voodoo has just launched its latest product named is Wind Rider!. This is a game that is expected to help players have a new experience compared to his senior. With the development of a completely different gameplay than the rest Voodoo calculations, this will help them temporarily surpass Ketchapp to become the number one publisher of the gameplay simple now on. Wind Rider! available now on the Appstore, you can also download games via the integrated APK link below this article. Let’s learn some of the advantages of this game right away.

Race in space

Background Wind Rider! for Android relatively different from the game built in the usual racing style. If the ground race makes you feel depressed when experiencing the Wind Rider! will bring players to a race in the air. With this different scene, you will be able to see everything in the city from a high view. This will be fun for players to enjoy, you will be participating in the race with other players around the world thanks to the internet connection. This is a common thing in products from the Voodoo publisher, which will make the game seem like a simple, interactive creation between players to bring together great moments of entertainment.

Become winners

In Wind Rider! the race will take place extremely fierce, the game allows 8 players to race together in each game. You will have to work hard to get a high position on the rankings when the game is over. Each level you play will face different players around the world. If you do not act fast and have the ability to judge the situation properly, you will get frustrated quickly.

Game manipulation in the game is relatively easy to understand, you just touch the screen to help the character moves in the direction indicated. Dodge the obstacles in front of you and try to accelerate with circles appear randomly on the way. The starting point for each player is exactly the same, which will ensure fairness in the race so players can enjoy real competitive moments. The race will take place in different terrains, it will help you not feel bored when the game experience for a long time. Pay attention to the characteristics of the terrain in the game, take advantage of the right opportunity to overcome other players right now. Are you ready to become a talented racer and fly all over the air? Download the game and do it to become the winner in Wind Rider!.

Note, your character has only one life in each race. If you let him hit the obstacles you will lose quickly. Players can control their character up or down easily by simple claw tactics. It will help you get familiar with how the game works in a short time.

Buy necessary equipment

After each race, you will receive a certain amount depending on the position gained in the previous level. Use this money to help your character speed up with the built-in features. You have to grasp the advantage and have to get away from your direct competitors. The race only ends when you reach the finish line, do not be frustrated when the opponent is up with a distance away. Be calm and act swiftly to make everything impossible.

Simple graphics and Live sound

Graphics in Wind Rider! for iOS not really impressed but I still feel very excited whenever I experience the game. The details in the game very simple description and smooth transition effects will certainly make you happy from the first time enjoy. The background music that is integrated into the game will make you extremely interested and focused on the control of the character. Overall, Wind Rider! is a simple-to-play game that does not require too much of the quality of the game.


Products from the Voodoo distributor always bring great moments of relaxation for players. Wind Rider! APK although “born late”, but the game continues the tradition from the product ahead, surely the player cannot be ignored. What are you waiting for? Download games and enjoy the game right now.

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