NameWILD League
Publisher Trilobite Soft
Latest Version1.8.13
PlatformsAndroid 4.1
MOD FeaturesNo


The lovely animals are ready to battle in the WILD League (APK), a game built in the style of traditional RPG that promises to bring players to experience moments of extremely great. The characters in the game are not super warriors or talented soldiers, but the familiar animals such as cats, pigs, dogs, … are very unique description will certainly create press Imagine for the first time players enjoy the game. The game was developed by AI GAMES FZ publisher, they have not had many products in the game market but always bring special features to their games. In this article, we will help you learn the advantages of WILD League right now.

Special character formation

The context that the WILD League brings is quite different from conventional products. Coming to the game, you will be transformed into familiar animals and ready to engage in endless battles. The special thing in the game is the way of character formation for characters, they all have the athletic appearance as well as equipped with the latest weapons from the game. This will help players to feel the difference and always be fascinated throughout the game experience.

The WILD League offers a variety of outfits to help players customize their characters to become prominent in the crowd. Available accessories such as shoes, hats, clothes, etc. will help you do that easily.

Get familiar with the gameplay

Before you start the game, you will have to choose one of four characters in the game to participate in this exciting battle. Each character possesses different strengths and abilities, so you can easily choose the one that suits your interests. For example, the Hog can use flamethrowers to burn down opponents or Buffalo possesses high armor which makes it difficult for the opponent to defeat.

Players will be given special training to become familiar with how to control the game quickly. Players must follow instructions from the game to be able to pass the training at the earliest time.

The battle between the familiar animals

The WILD League will bring players to a large map, where you face a lot of danger from your opponents. Players will be entered into a battle mode 3vs3 via an internet connection. You must truly coordinate food ideas with his two teammates to quickly destroy opponents and win every screenplay.

The game allows players to select the weapons they need before the war begins. This will help you to be more comfortable in choosing the right tactics in each battle. In addition, you can change the character of the game during the match. Please use reasonable changes to bring the highest efficiency slightly. Note, the character’s skills will need a certain amount of time to be re-used the next time. Players must consider carefully before making a decision to use because it will play a relatively important role in winning the game. Overall, the WILD League’s play style is quite similar to MOBA-style games but still makes the player feel fun during the game experience.

Quality display clarity

WILD League has integrated 3D graphics platform to ensure the vibrancy of the game battle. The details are relatively clear and visually promising to bring the fight incredibly interesting and unique in terms of images. In addition, the characters in the game built in the familiar cartoon style will definitely make you feel impressed right from the first game.

Lively sound system

The explosive effects of the game are extremely vibrant thanks to the sound system is arranged very reasonable. The sound of the game is carefully polished to create a compelling player throughout the war. Most of the actions coming from the player emit pleasant sounds to bring comfort.

The end

The WILD League has yet to set an official release date around the world. This game is being tested on Ch Play to collect comments from players around the world to improve the quality of the upcoming official release. In general, the interesting features in the game are quite clear in the test version so players can experience the benefits of the WILD League immediately, thereby responding to the wrong point Remain from game to the publisher can fix and upgrade.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download WILD League MOD APK or WILD League Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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