Publisher VOODOO
Latest Version1.2.9
PlatformsAndroid 4.4, iOS 9.0
MOD FeaturesNo ADS


As you all know, the titles from the Voodoo publisher always bring simplicity to play and are very attractive. They have been very successful in creating quality products and playing the game. and Waves (MOD, No ADS) is a game in which the title is inherited from traditional predecessors such as Helix Jump or Baseball Boy!, promising to bring the best experience this June. The game is available on both the popular Android and iOS operating systems, with a free price, which will definitely make you want to download and enjoy without worrying about anything. In this article, I will learn together the highlights that this game brings.

Unique boat

Waves allow the player to transform into a small boat, and begin his endless journey. Everything in the game is laid out in a clever way, making the player feel like being in a real adventure. This is not a normal boat, it can do extraordinary things that you never thought of. Download the game and experience the fun that it brings right now.

Familiar style

Your mission in Waves Pretty simple, everything is ready at the start of the game. The player will not have to do anything, just control his boat to move as far as possible to reach the highest score. It sounds easy, but many challenges await you in the game. The obstacles will gradually appear on the way, the player must be skillful to help his boat to dodge them perfectly, if not want to lose quickly. Get to know the controls in Waves, through specific instructions at the beginning of the game. The gameplay is simplified like other Voodoo games, but still retains its unique character and attracts players from around the world.

In addition to underwater navigation, your boat can also aerate in the air thanks to the integrated nitro system. Note, after using this nitro number, the screen will also end. Players need to take full advantage of the advantages that it brings, to make classic acrobatics and achieve high scores before the end and start over. But do not fly too high, because the obstacles in the air will make you lose a quick. Take a close look at the exact drop point.

A few small notes

Players will receive a corresponding amount of money to upgrade their boat more powerful. It will feature superior features, help you perform acrobatic aerial phases and earn points in the next game. This will help Waves becomes more interesting and does not cause boredom.

You will only own a single boat in the game, the Voodoo distributor has not equipped new boats for the player. However, this does not overwhelm the attraction of the Waves, you can be completely assured of the experience. Waves It also allows you to challenge the people around you. Just a smartphone or tablet, can create a healthy competition with this game.

Graphics simple but eye-catching

Like other titles from Voodoo, Waves is not focused on graphics, the main focus of the play is to play in the graphics to compensate. This has become so familiar with the simple game genre, the image quality in the Waves Still, it has become attractive when it comes to animation style that is suitable for many ages.

Should experience Waves?

Compared to other titles from Voodoo, Waves Really did very well. The game brings a completely new way of playing, bringing great enjoyment from classic acrobatics to adventurous adventures. This game is very suitable for relaxing on the boring weekend.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Waves MOD APK or Waves Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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