NameWar Song Mobile
Publisher Sixjoy
Latest Version1.1.240
PlatformsAndroid 4.0.3+ iOS 8.0+
MOD FeaturesNo


The MOBA game has become so familiar to all players around the world, has long been in the spotlight and has not shown signs of cooling in the present. Especially is DOTA has created standards for the MOBA genre, and then there have been many games of this genre such as League of Legends and DOTA 2, was released and received a lot of success. Discovering the potential of this category, mobile game publishers have consistently produced PC-based titles, including Sixjoy a Japanese publisher. Their War Song game was developed and created to compete directly with other big competitors such as Arena Of Valor and Mobile Legend: Bang Bang. In this article, we will explore the interesting points that the game brings, whether to help it stand firm in the current market fluctuations.

Gameplay is familiar

Just like the other games of the same genre, War Song will take you to a designated land where the fight will be fierce between the two teams. The game is played in the form of 5vs5, which makes it highly teammate. You have to coordinate well with your teammates to win the game. The main task is to protect your main house from enemy attack, if one of the two houses is destroyed, the game will end immediately after.

As a tactical game, there are three main lines in the arena divided into upper, middle and lower lines. Based on the skills and characteristics of the generals, the two teams can split up to keep the defensive towers nearby. The forest will be the focus of both sides, the jungle will decide directly to the outcome of the game. Choose and share the right people, to get the best effect.

There are two very important things in game MOBA is equipment and level. If your level is higher than your opponent, it will increase your skill level and skills will be stronger and more diverse. Kill as many soldiers or monsters, to gain the necessary experience level. Equipment is also a very powerful strength if you own a lot of equipment will not be afraid of any opponent in the game.

Simple control mode

War Song is relatively easy to control, the operation will be displayed directly through the game screen. Make the right moves to dodge the target skills from the enemy, then knock them down with the special skills that you possess. Each skill will have a certain cooldown time, you must use them properly and combine them together to create beautiful combo strings that knock the enemy down in the blink of an eye.

Rich character system

War Song brings a variety of character systems, with more than 20 generals built and continues to increase in each update, will definitely make the player feel good. Each of the generals will give you different strengths and sets of skills, making it easy for players to choose from each team tactic. This will help you create the tactics that make the enemy not turn up. You can do everything in War Song, join the fight is extremely fierce.

Beautiful graphics

War Song‘s graphics are more streamlined, to fit on mobile devices. However, the picture quality in the game is really nice and the skill effect is meticulously polished, promising to bring the ultimate combat phase. Other details in the game such as character, trees, environment, … are described in the familiar cartoon style but bring the necessary animation.


Overall, War Song is being perfected through each update, promising to bring exciting features to the player in the near future. This is a great game to experience, you can play with the people around to show the perfect team coordination. Will be great to win the War Song with your loved ones.

Depending on your needs, you can download War Song Mobile MOD APK or War Song Mobile Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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