NameWall Clean
Publisher OHM Games SAS
Latest Version1.15
PlatformsiOS 9.0
MOD FeaturesNo


Which life pressure do you feel tired in the present moment? Do not worry, let Wall Clean help you clear it easily. This is a game from Voodoo – a relatively well-known publisher in the gaming market, which has created attractive products with a very unique gameplay style that gives the player a great deal of time true relaxation when experiencing. Come to Wall Clean, players will enjoy a unique gameplay style with the allure of a promising performance that will make you feel good the first time you play. The game is available on both Android and iOS, allowing players to download games quickly. In this article, I will help you read understands more the interesting features of this game.

Inheriting the uniqueness

The products come from publisher Voodoo is always welcomed by many players around the world, because they always bring these game product quality and unique. The operating mode of each game will be completely different, but still retain the charismatic characteristics, contributing to the player feel attracted when enjoying. Wall Clean is expected to become a successful product like its men, thus helping Voodoo confirm its position in the gaming market at the moment.

Gameplay features

Like all of the other Voodoo games, Wall Clean also has a very unique and gameplay style that appeals to players as they progress. You will have to complete the tasks that the game brings to earn the corresponding score, thereby setting up their own record to challenge the people around. This will make the game more competitive, requiring players to experience the game long enough to achieve the desired results in Wall Clean.

Clean the dirty walls

The city where you live is more polluted than ever, the surrounding walls become dirt and loss of aesthetics. In game Wall Clean, the player will be transformed into a cleaner with the task of ensuring the cleanliness of the walls in the city. Each wall will be a real challenge for the player, you need to clean thoroughly to win a certain amount of money through each level of play. Control in the Wall Clean is simple, you just touch the screen experience to clean the walls in the city. Then move your finger properly to help the wipe finish the task as possible. The game does not specify the duration of the experience, which allows the player to feel more free while playing the game.

Wall Clean also offers items with various functions to support the player. You need to collect gold coins that are randomly integrated into each level in order for you to have the equipment you want. They will help players create new records, thereby fulfilling all the tasks that the game brings. In general, the way the Wall Clean operates is relatively straightforward and easy to understand. This is also one of the features that come from Voodoo products, which makes it appealing to players to feel attracted quickly.

Discover new cities

In each level, you will be teleported to different cities to perform missions. This will help players not feel bored when the game experience for a long time. Cities in Wall Clean offer traditional features, allowing players to travel around the world with their devices with ease.

Graphics along with the vivid sound system

Wall Clean is equipped with relatively nice graphics, the details on is quite intuitive display brings life to the player when enjoying. Most of the scenes in the game are described in pretty bright colors, which will make you feel interesting throughout the game experience. The sound system is also one of the factors that attract players in Wall Clean. With the simple soundtrack integrated into the game, along with the sound when passing each task will definitely make the player feel very excited.

Wall Clean worth to experience

If you’re a simple game lover, Wall Clean is a great choice for you. The game possesses a full range of elements to help players get truly great moments of relaxation. As well as being developed by the Voodoo publisher, Wall Clean is really worth the experience in the time present. What are you waiting for? Download the game and enjoy it.

Depending on your needs, you can download Wall Clean MOD APK or Wall Clean Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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