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    Vampire's Fall: Origins MOD APK V1.0.42 Download free for Android/iOS

  • Publisher Early Morning Studio
  • Platforms Android 4.1+ iOS 11.0+
  • Price Free
  • Size 97M
  • Latest Version 1.0.42
  • Date Updated November 12, 2018

Vampire’s Fall: Origins will take players to the land of darkness, where you are transformed into a true hero to protect the safety of innocent people. The world of the game described by the publisher of Early Morning Studio is very dark and enigmatic, and you have the task of answering the needs of the game to bring light to your village. Especially, the game has been on the App Store for a long time and until now the new players have just could to enjoy games on Google Play. Are you ready for a fun adventure in this game? Download the game and do it right away.

Vampire Village

Previously, the Vampire was always one of the most peaceful places in the world thanks to the wise governance of the elders. At the present time, the dark forces are covering up and ready to bring affliction to the Vampire village at any time. The situation is very dangerous, you are one of the warriors chosen by the villagers to fight the evil enemy. Get ready for the intense battle that awaits you in Vampire’s Fall: Origins for Android because this is the inevitable fate of the character in the game.

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Become a vampire leader

In the game, you will be transformed into a true vampire to carry out the mission assigned. But first, customize your character to suit your taste before starting your journey in Vampire’s Fall: Origins. The game offers a lot of options for the character, such as custom skin color, hair style, eyes, face, etc., so players can easily create a complete character in appearance.

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Players will have to develop characters according to the game’s instructions, you need to join the intense battle to destroy all enemies in each level and get the deserving award. The character’s skills system is relatively diverse, and you can upgrade before or after depending on your preferences. In general, the character development mechanism that games bring will make it easy for players to create a perfect character for themselves.

Complete the assigned mission

Vampire’s Fall: Origins for iOS brings a lot of activities to players during the game experience. You will be exploring anywhere in the game, while constantly moving to carry out assigned tasks. Initially, you will not have to face many powerful opponents. On the contrary, you will fight with weak soldiers to help you get acquainted with the game quickly. After each battle, players will receive a variety of necessary equipment such as weapons, armor… to increase the ability to attack or defend your character.

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The combat mechanics in the game is built in a certain turn, which will bring fairness to players during the game. You need to select the required skills for your character in each turn and find out the power they bring to maximize the power of each skill. The game will end only when either side is defeated, you need to look closely at the situation before making the appropriate tactics to defeat the opponent in a split second. In order to apply the familiar role-playing element, Vampire’s Fall: Origins allows the player to create conversations with the villagers, which will ensure that the plot of the game is seamless to help the player not lagging during the period of experience game.

Graphics format is only 2D

Unfortunately, the graphics format of Vampire’s Fall: Origins is only 2D. However, the details in the game are excellently displayed with dark colors as the main theme, thereby successfully portraying the dark and mysterious vampire world. You will feel like that you have been stuck on a journey without stops through the images which are successfully depicted.

download vampires fall origins

The sound makes a hit

The soundtrack to the game creates a suspense to the player with extremely scary and strange sounds. In addition, you can also enjoy the mysterious noises emanating from the activities of the character or the environment in the game. In general, the sound is one of the factors that brought success to Vampire’s Fall: Origins MOD APK at the moment.


Vampire’s Fall: Origins is a tactical type game that combines role-playing style and is well worth the experience. You will discover a very interesting journey from the perspective of a true vampire baby, thereby enjoying the fun that new games bring thanks to the unique gameplay built. What about hesitation? Download games and engage in exciting battles right away.

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