NameUltimate Tennis
Publisher 9M Interactive
Latest Version3.2.3765
PlatformsAndroid 4.1, iOS 9.0
MOD FeaturesNo


Ultimate Tennis will allow gamers to indulge in this exciting sport on their phones. Compared to other games of this genre, Ultimate Tennis is truly a popular name, enjoyed by many players all over the world. The publisher 9M Interactive has done really well with this product, promising to bring a new breath to the dynamic sports game market at the moment. The game has been around for a long time on both Android and iOS, bringing a lot of updates and improvements to both the graphics and the gameplay. In this article, I will help you learn some special points from this game.

Featured in the game market

Compared to tennis games, Ultimate Tennis is not afraid of competition from other competitors. The game is still in the top spot on CH Play for a long time and has no sign of slowing down. With new innovations that are seamlessly integrated, it will definitely make the player more and more interested in the gameplay that this game brings. Are you ready to conquer the dream of becoming a famous athlete and winning many of the top honors in Ultimate Tennis?

Challenge yourself

Players will have to practice a lot in this game to improve their skills and operations. It is hard to beat all the opponents that Ultimate Tennis brings, which are integrated to stop you on the way to your dream. Let’s kick them out of the game with the beautiful ball, making the ball to the opponent does not turn up.

Conquer the dream

In Ultimate Tennis, players will be transformed into an anonymous athlete who is on the way to asserting himself. You will be participating in the tournament from amateur to career to practice the competition, thereby drawing valuable lessons to be ready to defeat any challenge. Each match will be a battle of survival, if you lose quickly you will end the tournament without receiving any title or bonus amount. Focus on each line, making the right decisions to help the character win points, giving the original advantage to the opponent.

The tee shot is also a direct opportunity shot earn points, be sure to hit the ball well and adjust the force properly to make the opponent feel helpless before the ball you create. All are integrated into Ultimate Tennis, you join the game and make the mark in the heart of people right now.

The method of control is relatively simple

Ultimate Tennis provides a relatively simple control system that will make it easy for players to get to know and master the action in a short amount of time. The character will automatically move to match each ball from the opponent, your task is to adjust the ball and the ball to the right to score. Of course, he will not easily give up on you in a few shots. Try to be tough and always keep the cool head to make beautiful shots.

In addition, players can choose an Auto mode to enjoy as a normal tennis match. This will make you feel very excited to witness the beautiful ball without doing anything.

Animated graphics

Graphics are one of the highlights of this game. Equipped with 3D graphics and details are extremely realistic to bring a beautiful and interesting tennis match. Players will be able to switch locations on different pitches, which is quite similar to the actual tournaments that make up the new experience for the player.


With what games bring, I believe that Ultimate Tennis is fully capable of becoming one of the monuments in the gaming market today. You will enjoy the game extremely interesting in many aspects, together with the sound system to bring the player into the game quickly.

Depending on your needs, you can download Ultimate Tennis MOD APK or Ultimate Tennis Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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