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Simplicity is featured in Trigger Heroes – a traditional RPG game from Lucky Kat Studios. This is not the first time that this publisher has brought in some simple style games, they have had such long-standing names in the game market as Nom Cat or Grumpy Cat’s Worst Game Ever. Hopefully, with this comeback, Trigger Heroes will help Lucky Kat Studios confirm its position at the moment. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the highlights from this game.

Rescue the planet Orbitus

Your mercenaries are suddenly attacked and occupied by some mercenaries called Shogun Inc. They constantly kill people and seriously affect the lives of all human beings. In the game, you will have to help Red and his teammates win battles to rescue Orbitus against the threat of the enemy. Are you ready for this noble mission? Download games and fight now.

Fierce battle

When you participate in the game, you will be taken to the fierce battlefield divided into many different areas. Players must pass each game screen to be able to continue to perform the next challenge. The difficulty of each level will be increased rapidly, your goal is to try to win as many wins as possible to receive the corresponding reward. They will help you get the equipment you need for the next level.

In the first game, the player can pass quickly and easily. The challenges will not be easy when the monsters are extremely crowded and powerful, they can knock you down at any time if you do not focus on the game. In order to win, the player needs to control the character to dodge the attacks from the enemy and make the shootings and kill them immediately. Trigger Heroes for Android also bring the Boss system is extremely diverse, they will appear in every certain level to stop the progress of players. Be very careful when confronting them because you can be destroyed at any time by the powerful skills that are built into them. Players must constantly move to distract Boss, then make continuous shots to make it mad.

Simple manipulation

The player can perform one-touch operation easily during the game experience. You can touch anywhere on the experience screen to help your character move or make continuous shots to the enemy. This will help players do not spend too much time to get familiar with the way the game brings control. In general, the layout of this control system is very reasonable in a game developed in a simple style like Trigger Heroes.

Various weapons

The next highlight from Trigger Heroes for iOS is definitely in the weapon system that the game brings. The weapons in the game have separate power to help players easily choose in each situation needed. Trigger Heroes, unlike the other shooting games, players can not upgrade your weapons throughout the game experience. You can only pick up wooden boxes randomly placed on the map to receive weapons or a certain amount of money.

Minimalist graphics

Just like the gameplay, the graphics in Trigger Heroes are extremely simple but still bring the unique experience to the player. The characters in the game are pretty fun to play, which will help to reduce the stress on the player when participating in the fierce battle. The environmental quality in the game is not too beautiful but still, show the full effect bombs needed to get you the moment of exciting experience on your phone.

The soundtrack in Trigger Heroes MOD APK really impresses us, it is very different from the games of the same genre. Coming to the game, you will enjoy the background music alternating with the noise generated from the action from the character will certainly create excitement for players as soon as the game.

Trigger Heroes APK Download free for Android/iOS

With what it brings, Trigger Heroes deserves to be one of the most playable role-playing games of all time. Although the graphics quality in the game is quite low, the gameplay of Trigger Heroes quite unique promises to make you feel very excited to experience. If are a favorite traditional RPG line then quickly load Trigger Heroes come to enjoy.

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