NameTiny Battleground
Publisher 4399enGame
Latest Version1.1.0.2
PlatformsAndroid 2.3.3, iOS 8.0
MOD FeaturesNo


According to the official information that we received, producer 4399enGame has just released the game Tiny Battleground around the world. Currently, this game is officially available on the app Google Play and AppStore, with a capacity of 381.8 MB for all mobile phones. As a simulation role-playing game PUBG Mobile, there is a unique gameplay, promising to give people a very enjoyable experience on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Now, invite everyone to explore this unique and popular game in.

Recommend Tiny Battleground – PUBG simulation game

Tiny Battleground is a unique PUBG simulation action game, bringing players to the most dramatic battles in the LEGO world. Although has only been released for less than a week, the game this has attracted thousands of players around the globe. To say, this is a new breeze that the publisher 4399enGame want to send to everyone, to commemorate the feast of love around the world.

The special feature of Tiny Battleground is that game is very unique and no publisher has done this. Not just a PUBG simulation role-playing game, Tiny Battleground gives people the perfect combination of iO, MOBA, and Survival. This is a game with a new combination, causing many players around the world to feel curious. Definitely, in the coming time, Tiny Battleground will give people the most exciting experience ever.

Unique gameplay

Come in Tiny Battleground, your task is to kill all enemies and AI will appear randomly in battle. When killing a target, you will receive some energy to increase the strength of your character. Destroy the higher level enemies, the amount of energy you get can be X2 or X3, depending on the level of the opponent.

Control system

Console the game Tiny Battleground is extremely simple, people just need to tap the virtual home button on the mobile phone screen, and tablet. In order to move the character and launch skills on the opponent, you need to have the control skills and the subtlety get to destroy the opponent.

As you can see, the virtual keyboard of the game Tiny Battleground is quite simple, interacting well with players. You just use the left keys to move and the right keys to attack, as well as use the skill. And do not forget to invite your friends to fight in these funny modes.

MOBA style large map

With a familiar MOBA style map system, so that people can fight and destroy each other. In addition, Tiny Battlegrounds also bring caves and rivers, creating unique tactics created by the player. Are you ready? Take part in the Tiny Battleground arena to show the power of destroying the enemy.

Unique character

In addition to the map system, Tiny Battleground also offers players a unique character class. With extremely interesting shapes, there are many different types of a figure to choose from. In addition, the character is extremely diverse, including Warriors, Sorcerers, Gunners, Robots, Ninjas,… each character has different attack and defense stats. Notice, when skill reaches the highest level you will be able to turn into a giant fire dragon, sweeping everything on the map.

Lots of varied game modes

Tiny Battleground has three different game modes. In addition to Crystal Battle mode, you can also enjoy two great modes other. The first is Free for all, this is the mode “big fish eats small fish” one of the extremely interesting modes. In addition, people also the experience in Survival mode, creating the game in the narrow range. You will need to use ingenuity and skills acquired, to just move to a safe area, and fight with other players vying life.

Note: People need to stay away from monsters do not get hit, because these monsters have no damage, can affect the blood and many unfair situations.

Graphics and sound

In terms of graphics, Tiny Battleground has a very simple and detailed 3D style. With character designs in the LEGO style, looks like Minecraft and an 8-bit graphic. In addition, the sound system is extremely vibrant, creating a very interesting experience. All participants returning to their childhood through an exciting game.


Overall, Tiny Battleground is an action role-playing game, which has a very interesting mix of iO, MOBA, and survival. If you are interested and curious about this product, you can download Tiny Battleground for Android/iOS free. In addition, we also offer people a version of Tiny Battleground, so that everyone in the other country can experience and participate in game this.

Depending on your needs, you can download Tiny Battleground MOD APK or Tiny Battleground Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

Tiny Battleground: MOBA, Survival game
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