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As you know, the game of RPGs has always owned fascinating gameplay combined with the classic action scenes that will surely make you tempted quickly. The Tower Assassin’s Creed is quite the opposite, but still allows the player to be a traditional assassin, but your mission is to help him climb to the top of the tower to be able to complete assigned tasks. This is a very unique game from the publisher Ketchapp, it brings a very different background with the gameplay create a surprise for players from the first experience. What is this game that makes so many players love it? Please read this article to be able to understand better.

Background from famous films

The Tower Assassin’s Creed for Android is probably the name that many fans of action film know. It possesses extremely special emphasis as the plot or beautifully shaped characters along with the extremely vivid technique that will surely make you unable to take your eyes off the screen. Until the present time, there are many games on the market was built in the famous image of this film. The Tower Assassin’s Creed is also one of them, but the strangeness in the gameplay that it offers promises to be so appealing to the player to feel relaxed during the game. Publisher Ketchapp did not betray the players worldwide when launching a product extremely appealing due to play a simple but create the attractive experience – which they did very successfully for Previous games. What are you waiting for? The APK link below will help you load games and conquer the challenges of the game quickly.

Building towers

The mission of the player in The Tower Assassin’s Creed is relatively simple, you only need to build towers to help your assassin can climb to the designated location. Each level of the game will require the player to ensure a certain height of the tower. If you do not complete your mission, will mean failure immediately. Note, the first screens play will be quite easy to help players can become familiar with the game quickly. In the next challenge, the difficulty level will increase so you can not take your eyes off the screen during the game experience.

When starting the game, you will be provided with the debris of the towers and try to finish it as quickly as possible. Each of the debris will increase the height of the tower, which will appear above the debris you have just manipulated. This will create balance for the tower, players need to be careful with each decision if you do not want to lose quickly.

If you accidentally put the debris away then you should be calm to perform the next operation. But do not let too much for your misleading because when the debris is not in place, it will be broken, resulting in debris next will fade and hard to put in place specified. The smaller the debris, the harder it is for you to win.

Beautiful image quality

Although is a game built simple style, The Tower Assassin’s Creed for iOS quality property extremely beautiful graphics. This is one of the few games that Ketchapp publishers have invested heavily in the visual promise that will make you feel very excited while playing the game. Details such as killer, tower, environment, etc. are displayed fairly well and combine in harmony to create a balance in terms of layout. In addition, the color system in the game is the interesting combination of light and dark tones to bring context of extremely attractive and lively.

Alluring background music

The music background is integrated throughout the game experience will certainly make you feel satisfied. It brings lightness along with the nonsense element that helps the player to be comfortable and focused while playing the game. In general, the sound is one of the factors that make the game so successful.

The Tower Assassin’s Creed unique, distinct and alluring

That is also the most accurate words used to describe Ketchapp’s products. The Tower Assassin’s Creed APK gameplay possesses extremely different from the rest, combined with beautiful display quality will surely satisfy even the most discerning players. The game system brings diverse gameplay so you can comfortably enjoy the game without feeling boring. What are you waiting for? Quickly download games and help the killer guy complete the tasks assigned to any.

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