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The Outlived is an action game that brings players to a vast island where you have to fight for nature to win. The game is built in the style of normal life, you will be taking a relatively interesting journey, promising to bring a relatively rewarding experience when enjoying the game. The publisher xiaojiao zhang has done quite well with this product when the equips The Outlived with very simple yet engaging gameplay. Sure, this game will not cause jerky and lag. Let’s find out some special points from this game.

Different background

Imagine a day when I woke up, you will be taken to a large island without anybody else. Things will get worse if you do not find the food and drink you need. The Outlived will bring a similar context to the player, you have to cope with the harshness of nature while ensuring the needs of yourself if you do not want to die quickly. Try to survive to wait for help from others, they can get you out of here quickly. But first, download the game and start your own independent life right now.

Rich gameplay

Unlike the popular survival games like PUBG Mobile or Rules of Survival, you have to do everything to survive in The Outlived. The main enemies of the player are the wild animals and the appearance of the Zombies at night. They carry certain dangers, threatening to the safety of the character. Players must look for materials to build a solid house to withstand the threat is stalking and ready to destroy you at any time.

Before you start playing the game, you will be given a choice characters. The game brings a lot of interesting customizations like skin color, hairstyle, height,… so you can easily select quickly. Choose a character that really likes because he will stick with you throughout the game. The battle for survival will take place immediately after, players need to control their characters moving around to find the necessary materials. They will appear randomly on the map. Look for a weapon when you can to ensure your safety before performing other actions. You can also use weapons to kill wild animals, thereby giving the character a hearty and delicious meal.

Build a shelter

Next, building a house with the ingredients available from nature is also a very sensible idea. Look for wood and turn them into necessary items right away. Players can customize and build their home without the constraints of the game. This will help you create and transform your house into a beautiful and solid.

Direct interaction with other players

The Outlived also allows players around the world to interact directly with each other via an internet connection. This will contribute to a rich player community while promoting the development and creation of a virtual society in the game. In addition, players can use their own weapons to defeat enemies in the game. Zombies will constantly harass you at night and tear down your house fiercely. Try to destroy them quickly to avoid the “night long dream” offline.

Very sharp graphics

The details in the game are carefully scrutinized to help the player can feel the real fight a fierce life. The Outlived is equipped with a beautiful 3D graphics format that delivers a vivid and crisp visual quality that, promising to make you feel comfortable right from the first-time experience.

Rich sound

In addition to the beautiful image quality, the game also brings the live sound system. The sounds generated by the activities of the character such as moving, archery, logging,… are described quite successfully, contribute to the fun for players to experience.

The Outlived APK Download – Free Survival game for Android/iOS

You will draw a lot of valuable experience when joining The Outlived, it is not just a normal survival battle that will give you real relaxation moments right on your device. Players will have to do everything to help their character survive, thereby learning the extremely interesting lessons that this game brings. You do not hesitate any longer, please download the game and start your journey now.

Depending on your needs, you can download The Outlived MOD APK or The Outlived Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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