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Recently, according to official information that we have come from the publisher Bandai Namco, The world entertainment market will welcome Tekken™. This is an upgraded version of Mobile, promising to be a blockbuster on the mobile platform this year. Currently, the official launch information has not been revealed by NPH Bandai Namco, just released the video trailer to bring the hero curiosity in this upgrade version. Tekken™ will officially launch the Google Play and AppStore charts, which means Android and iOS.

Reviews Tekken™ – 1Vs1 PlayStation game Controller

Tekken™ for Android is known to players as a counter-game against the legendary Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter … on the first handheld devices like the PS1. With its level of success, the game has had many different versions on the platform, with significant improvements in the number of characters and improved graphics, evolving over time. Bandai Namco, the father of the popular series, has announced a new mobile-based project called Tekken™. This game is only available in Canada for testing and evaluation of players as well as professionals to perfect the game.

Accordingly, Tekken™ is a blend of many features of the previous version. Therefore, players will feel familiar with this version from the user interface, presentation layout, characters and control systems.

Started the war antagonistic 1vs1

In addition to this, players will be able to meet many of the familiar faces of the PC/Console such as Kazuya Mishima, Paul, Lily, Asuka and even the panda, Xiaoyu’s pets. The player acts as a Dojo Master with the task of collecting and upgrading warriors through many battles. Tekken™ is built by Bandai Namco with three main modes of play: Story Mode, Dojo Challenge, and Live Event. With Story Mode, you’ll be exploring the world of Tekken when you are transformed into the legendary Kazuya Mishima and fight through many bloody battles, fight and defeat countless enemies.

In terms of combat mechanisms, Tekken™ for iOS will no longer use the virtual key system and virtual joystick as the usual version of the game on the mobile but instead of touching or swiping the screen to control the character moving and attacking as well as tossing a combo. It is quite similar to Mortal Kombat Mobile’s control mechanism.

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Next, the Dojo Challenge is a competitive online 3v3 PvP arena where you have to show your skills to get the highest ranking in the rankings. Eventually, the Live Event will include the events that were changed by Bandai Namco. Your mission is just to join and have the opportunity to win the game extreme value.

Bandai Namco says there will be about 100 characters in Tekken™ with different fighting styles for the player to choose. Each character has up to 20 special fighting skills that can be used to upgrade and combine combos. Whatever, Tekken™ will inherit the fighting style of this legendary fighting game with powerful blows and beautiful opponents.

Tekken™ for Android, iOS – APK Download Free

Tekken™ APK is expected to be available for downloading through Google Play and the App Store soon, but it is unclear what the release date is. However, today the game has released limited edition in Canada. That means if you have the account where you can download it. Information about the game Tekken™ will be continuously updated by we 24h per day. Hopefully, the game Tekken™ will soon launch to serve the look forward to your heroic tired.

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