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The publisher PlayStack has officially launched its latest product in the gaming market called Survival City. This is a game developed in the traditional tactical style, it is quite similar to the famous games such as Clash Of Clans or Boom Beach but possesses new innovative features that will make the player feel Enjoy the experience. You will have to lead the people against scary monsters at night while building and developing your village at will to ensure the safety of yourself and the people. The game is currently available on the Store Google Play and Appstore allows players to easily download and enjoy the game quickly. In this article, we will help you understand the highlights that Survival City brings.

Zombies disaster

Survival City for Android will bring players to a deserted land to build their own empire. This place was once a prosperous kingdom before the Zombies pandemic, the majority of people fled to other places or were killed by monsters in a catastrophic way. Especially Zombies only appear at night, this will give you time to prepare everything thoroughly before their attacks. There are just a few survivors of the Zombies disaster, and you need to get them to a safe place and build daytime protection. Things are not over yet, you can start right now to grow back to the golden age like before.

The main interface quite intuitive

Just like other tactical games, Survival City is equipped with an extremely intuitive interface that allows players to easily familiarize themselves with the game’s gameplay. The main resources such as gold, diamond, energy, … are displayed on the screen experience to help you quickly understand the parameters needed. In general, this layout will make players feel excited and do not spend too much time doing the work in the game.

Build a defensive system

Initial instructions will appear to help players understand the requirements required during the game experience. You just touch the screen to set your location desired works, place of work in the position are a good match to be able to optimize the power that they bring. The works in the game will take on different tasks such as defending, building troops, exploiting resources, etc. Note, each building will have different construction time and players have to wait for a period of time, certain it can be completed. The higher the level, the more time you spend upgrading.


After the completion of the works is also at the player must start to face Zombies at night. They will keep coming and disturbing the player’s land in waves, which will give you more time to think about the problem and make the most accurate decision. Players only need to touch the icons of the two characters on the screen and they will help you protect the land before the attack of the Zombies. You can enjoy this battle in real time or use the AutoPlay feature to quickly finish it to save time on your own.

Survival City for iOS also brings you an extremely enjoyable weather system, where you can enjoy real life through 4 Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter seasons. This will help the player feel the dynamics during the game experience. Depending on the weather conditions, the number of Zombies will appear little or much up significantly. You should pay attention to this issue to be able to offer solutions to protect your area in the most accurate way.

Relatively beautiful graphics

The game is built on the beautiful 3D graphics platform that allows players to enjoy the image in a very vivid and sharp. The details in the game are described in the classic European style promises to help you feel the tradition through the built-in. In addition, the transition system in the game is the quite smooth response to the needs of players as soon as the experience. Despite the beautiful graphics, Survival City is a lightweight game that allows you to experience stable gaming on low profile devices.

The end

Survival City MOD APK really impresses us with what it brings from the gameplay to the quality of the show. Players will be engaged in a never-ending battle between humans and Zombies, thereby building the necessary structures to develop the land in your own way. Quickly download the game using the APK link below this article to experience the game right now.

Survival City: Can You Survive The Night?
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