NameStone Skimming
Publisher VOODOO
Latest Version2.3
PlatformsAndroid 4.4, iOS 9.0
MOD FeaturesNo ADS


According to the latest news that we received two hours ago, publisher Voodoo recently launched a game called Stone Skimming (MOD, No ADS). Come to this game, you will return to childhood revolving around the throwing of objects to the water, to maximize bounce rate and maximum score, giving you great moments of relaxation. The game will be a perfect choice, for those who are looking for a game to entertain the weekend. Currently, Stone Skimming is available on IOS with a capacity of 171 MB and is continuing to complete on the Android operating system as soon as possible, for players around the world to experience. And now, invite your friends to learn some of the attention points of this game.

Simple gameplay and lively spaces

Come to Stone Skimming, you are transformed into a boy on the handle of a tool like a rock or a pebble … with the goal of making it bounce on the water as much as possible. You will need to adjust the angle as well as the proper throwing force, to make the pebble bounce as far as possible. The gameplay is quite simple, but it brings a lot of fun and fun.

Do not forget that there are always obstacles on the water, making gravel can sink at any time. So your score will be less and you will feel down. Players can choose the direction of throwing left or right, to avoid the obstacles to help score higher. The visuals in the game are vividly rendered, which will make you feel like playing with your character and making the shoot yourself. Players can easily manipulate and familiarize themselves with the operation of Stone Skimming quickly, without spending too much time on the experience.

Upgrading system

Publisher Voodoo also incorporates upgraded features in the game, will cause you to not be boring. After each turn, you will earn an amount equal to the earned score, which can be used to upgrade or buy skills to increase bounce rate and to help achieve the score of the person. play higher. Players can also use the money to decorate the tools used to throw, each tool will bring different advantages and disadvantages, causing the player to make reasonable choices to achieve the highest score. Try to break the rules that you have achieved in previous games. In this way, the player will always enjoy and find ways to break the limits that he created before.

Features play with friends

If you are frustrated with having to play the game alone, owning most of the items in the game that no one to compete within offline modes, like sitting on the “throne” too long will feel lonely and boring? Do not worry, Stone Skimming also allows players to connect with each other, competing to lower the skill. It would be interesting to meet a heavyweight opponent in the front line, and try to use what he has to defeat him. Players will be very excited about this feature online from the publisher.

The end

If you are looking for a game that can split high with friends? Or if you feel tired, Stone Skimming will be a perfect choice. With simple, light but no less drama, it will make you feel relaxed and relaxed. Waiting for nothing but downloading games and enjoying this game, is attached to each other’s childhood right now.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Stone Skimming MOD APK or Stone Skimming Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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