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cover stickman dismounting
  • App details
  • Publisher ViperGames
  • Platforms Android 2.3+ iOS 8.0+
  • Price Free
  • Size 24M
  • Latest Version 2.1
  • Date Updated December 2, 2018

Stickman Dismounting is a game built in the style traditional simulation game that is extremely unique gameplay, will definitely bring exciting experiences for players. You will be transformed into a character who rods, thereby fulfilling the difficult challenge to try to gain the highest score through each game screens play. This is a carefully crafted product in terms of gameplay, and graphics quality coming from the ViperGames publisher. This is a publisher that has created simple games but is suitable for players around the world with products like Demons Must Die or Stickman Warriors. In this article, we will help you better understand the characteristics which own Stickman Dismounting.

Introduction Stickman Dismounting – Games people rods

ViperGames was known as a pioneering publisher in building style gameplay sticks man. They always know how to create products that appeal to players in a variety of ways, focusing on exploiting simple elements to highlight the traditional simulation style. Stickman Dismounting for Android is one of them, when the ownership gameplay incredibly easy to understand along with equipping the image the Sticks, will surely make you can not take your eyes off the screen during the experience. Sticks are a relatively familiar character in us in games a few decades ago, they bring simplicity in design but still make the player feel very excited.

download stickman dismounting apk

Perform dangerous actions

Stickman Dismounting allows the player to turn his character into a test character for a dangerous performance. You can do anything with your character through this game, the course will follow the instructions coming from the player quickly. After starting the game, the player will be allowed to choose the character and perform the action immediately afterward. There are many simulation postures like sliding stairs, moving on the plane,… Note, players will gain high scores with more gold coins than when performing dangerous action scenes to life characters. Remember, the obstacles on the way will definitely kill the life of player rods in a moment. You need to help him move as far as possible to receive the reward.

download stickman dismounting for android

The game will not catch you perform multiple tasks, you simply select the plan to help the character perform their action. After that, just sit back and enjoy the brutal torture by the obstacles that appear on the way. In general, Stickman Dismounting’s play style is unmistakably sure to make players excited to enjoy.

Owning favorite characters

With the money earned through each game screens play, you can use them to buy the favorite characters in the game. Stickman Dismounting for iOS brings a lot of people with different looks completely allowing players to freely choose to feel more excited when playing the game. In addition, the game also brings a variety of vehicles as well as vehicles to help rodents to challenge in each level. You can own multiple items and rotate them differently in different levels so you do not feel bored while playing the game.

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Graphic style who sticks

Image details in the game are not polished too much, so the quality of the graphics Stickman Dismounting just stopped quite. However, players can still enjoy dangerous action scenes through extremely smooth transition effects. The image of the player Stick is depicted quite sharply along with the new look the appearance, promises to make players feel like playing the game a few decades ago. The colors in the game are ensured in harmony with the main white color scheme to bring the necessary appeal.

download stickman dismounting

Sound minimalism

With the game Stickman Dismounting APK does not provide background music throughout the experience, leaving the player focused on enjoying the gameplay that the publisher delivers. The sounds from the classic performances of the promised stick will make you sit quietly while playing the game. In addition, the sound of the torture will be clearer than ever to bring the horror to you as soon as you enjoy it.


If you want to enjoy the classic torture combined with the quality of horror images, join Stickman Dismounting by downloading the game right now. The game promises to help players enjoy the stressful moments during the experience. Possesses extremely unique gameplay unlike anything on the market empty at the moment, will certainly create excitement and make you feel curious.

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