Publisher Dunia Games
Latest Version1.19
PlatformsAndroid 4.0.3
MOD FeaturesNo


Mobile games have grown tremendously in recent years, suggesting that this is a very niche market for publishers to achieve the desired results. The publisher Dunia Games is also among them, which may seem strange to players around the world, but ShellFire (APK) promises to help them become famous for what they own. The MOBA game genre is gaining in popularity and attracted more players than any other series, so ShellFire is sure to create a unique appeal and make the player quickly attracted by the completely different style of play it brings. In addition, also incorporates FPS elements, promising to bring the gameplay extremely attractive. Let’s take a closer look at this upcoming game.

Gameplay learn from “Overwatch”

ShellFire is said to be a shortened version of Overwatch – a traditional shooter-style game that is being loved by so many players around the world. With learning and development in today’s hot games, will definitely create charisma and make players feel curious when experiencing. This is a pretty unique trick from the publisher Dunia Games, to help its product gain more attention from players.

Diverse character system

Before joining the game, you need to choose a suitable character to accompany in the course of the experience. ShellFire offers four main classes character is Tank, Attack, Defense, Support, which allow players to easily find the right character to experience. Each character will have different strengths and weaknesses, so you need to understand the effect of each character to make the right tactics in each battle.

Control style easy to understand

With integrated control operation extremely easy to understand, ShellFire allows the player to control the actions the game brings in a short time. You can help your character move quickly with the virtual steering wheel, integrated on the left side of the screen. Also, skill systems such as shooting, throw grenades, blood pumping, etc. are well-equipped to the right of the experience screen, which will definitely make you feel very familiar when enjoying.

Game modes incredibly rich

ShellFire’s highlights over conventional games are the integration of a variety of game modes, which will bring variety and help players quickly select the right one to enjoy. If you feel bored during the experience, try changing the game mode to enjoy the exciting moments that it brings right away.

ShellFire offers a number of game modes including Quick Match, Rank Mode, Zombie War, Island War, and more. Each mode is built in a completely different style that will surely make the player feel incredibly exciting gaming. Players can also join the game with their friends through an easy internet connection.

Upgrading skills

After each battle, players will receive a certain amount of money to upgrade their character skills. Use that amount of money to optimize the damage your character right away. This will help you gain the advantage in the next battle, thereby winning and gaining a high place in the overall rankings.

Graphics in the game really beautiful

ShellFire is equipped with extremely beautiful 3D graphics platform, will certainly recreate battles an extremely vivid. The details of the game are described as a contemporary style, offering stunning and dramatic firefights, and smooth transition effects that allow you to enjoy the war in an extensive and full manner the most. Note, players need to have a device that is configured high enough to experience the game in a stable way.

Perfect sound quality

The sound of the game is also one of the unique highlights. You will enjoy the extremely vibrant music background with the sounds coming out of the battle, creating a vast experience space but still ensure the full range of factors that make the player attractive.

The end

General, ShellFire is really a game to experience in the present time. Although not yet released, but received a lot of the expectations of players around the world. Hopefully with what brings, ShellFire to meet your expectations of a game of shooting style combined with classic RPG. The publisher Dunia Games has promised to continually bring fresh updates to improve the game experience. Let’s wait until the day ShellFire debut to enjoy it right away.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Shellfire MOD APK or Shellfire Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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