NameRun Race 3D
Publisher Good Job Games
Latest Version1.1.6
PlatformsAndroid 4.1, iOS 9.0
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/No ADS


If you’re a speed enthusiast, you’re probably familiar with traditional racing games like Beach Buggy Racing 2 or Gravity Rider: Power Run. However, racing is not the only sport when it comes to speed because there are many other subjects such as boat racing, track, and field, etc. that can also help people enjoy the endless thrilling and exciting moments in each race. Therefore, in this article, we will introduce you to Run Race 3D (MOD, Unlimited Money/No ADS) – a traditional speed game that revolves around the race of many people. It can be seen that Run Race 3D is a fascinating game that you can guess its purpose when looking at the name easily. What are you waiting for? Join the game and show your ability to race to become the first to reach the finish line right away.

What is Run Race 3D game?

This is a game developed in a racing style combined with an action element that promises to bring you great entertainment moments right on your phone. The way to play in Run Race 3D is relatively simple, you will be transformed into a small body athlete to compete with 4 other competitors around the world in extremely interesting races.

It can be seen that Run Race 3D is not a game of Endless Run genre like famous products like Subway Surfer or Temple Run and not a game running track on the track around the stadium or on a straight road. You will have to compete with other Ninja-style players while running and climbing walls to overcome the obstacles that are integrated into each race screen.

Become the champion

In Run Race 3D, you should remember that your only goal is that becomes the first finisher to win each race. This is not a simple task at all because you will face many challenges such as swinging, climbing walls, tumbling or performing extremely strange actions to overcome other competitors. Although these tasks may seem complicated, you don’t need to worry too much because just a simple touch of your hand can help the character perform quickly.

Note, players need to become winners of the races they join to be able to switch to the new track immediately if they do not want to be permanently stuck in the old tracks.

The track system is relatively complicated

The special highlight that Run Race 3D brings is the relatively complex in-game racetrack system that makes it very easy to get lost during the experience. In order to ensure the right route, players need to help their character move in the right direction of the direction arrow and take action as quickly and accurately as possible. Just a small mistake in manipulation, your character will move more slowly and can be easily surpassed by the opponent. Every moment in the race directly determines your performance later and changes the outcome of the race quickly, so you should concentrate highly in each race so you don’t feel sorry.

Overall, Run Race 3D brings a very diverse map system when integrating more than 10 different maps and each map requires players to show their own skills if they want to win. Note, you need to experience the game for a long time in order to understand the specific characteristics of each map in the game.

Receive worthy rewards

Run Race 3D requires players to do their best in each race to become a true champion because if you stop running, you will surely become a loser quickly. In addition to racing, players need to control their characters to collect coins that appear randomly in each race. They will help you own extremely useful features such as customizing your characters, buying new skins, and buying clothes that fit your preferences very easily. What are you waiting for? Improve your rankings by defeating your opponent to win and get great rewards in this game right away.

Simple, light graphics

Run Race 3D is developed in a traditional simple style so the graphics in the game are not invested too much in terms of images. However, you can still feel the attraction in each game screen through the details of the animated and colorful design in the game. The display quality of Run Race 3D is shown to be relatively successful thanks to a harmonious color system that creates a unique and vivid space in each race. In general, the 2D graphics platform that this game brings will definitely make you feel extremely satisfied right from the first time you enjoy it.


Run Race 3D is a simple game suitable for many players worldwide. Although it has a very easy to understand the gameplay, you will encounter challenges that are not simple at all in this game. So get ready before exploring the exciting things that are waiting for you to enjoy in Run Race 3D. In addition, you can download the game using the APK link below this article to experience the game quickly.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Run Race 3D MOD APK or Run Race 3D Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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