NameROTK The Legend of CaoCao
Publisher NEXON Company
Latest Version68205
PlatformsAndroid 4.1, iOS 8.0
MOD FeaturesNo


In the mobile-based strategy game world, we are always looking forward to a product bearing tactical thinking, based on our own creativity. But now is the title game ROTK The Legend of CaoCao (APK), is the ultimate strategy game that creative thinking in their own way. The game, released today by NEXON Company, is available for free on the Android and iOS platforms, with 91 MB of storage supporting all current mobile phones and tablet PCs. Believe that, in the coming time this game will attract a lot of players around the world. Now invite everyone and APKMody to explore more details on this product.

Introduce ROTK The Legend of CaoCao – Tactical blockbuster 2018

The concept of “standard” sounds very distant and abstract? For many people, the standard concept is to be fast, fierce, extremely violent, but for some players, the standard of a tactical game is to use the tactic instead of force like the saying ” intrigue “. But in the mobile game world, there are not many products that can satisfy the small wish of many players.

With the UK mobile game market at the moment, some SLG-branded games tend to abuse the auto-play feature and suck the player’s blood, which results in an imbalance of the rechargeable and non-charging players. money. Since then the balance of the game has not been promoted but has become a playground for players. People who spend more money in the hands of the team will have a strong army with the “rare,” the general. This leads to the imbalance of the game, causing many players to feel frustrated with the strategy game.

Appear many different touches

ROTK The Legend of CaoCao is not necessarily a better strategy game than other tactics in the market. It’s not a top-notch graphics strategy. But with many players familiar with the series of ROTK The Legend of CaoCao, the Mobile version of this game deserves top priority, especially when it is a standalone version of the game. The main IP from KOEI TECMO GAMES and Nexon is released worldwide.

This can be a game with no breakthrough in graphics but left in the hearts of the players are all players can use all the tactics, all the way to take you to the top of the list. As well as “beat, crush” gamers deep recession of failure. That’s because in ROTK The Legend of CaoCao it’s not for gamers who have the tendency of “big hands, big faces” that need to use mind and calculations in every step of the way when launching end-of-life attacks. to the enemy.

Classic graphics, ancient

For the majority of SLG game players, they are not so important that the graphics must be beautiful, flashy. So the two big KOEI TECMO GAMES and Nexon decided not to give the player the majestic and mixed combat fights – as drastically as other games (Dynasty Warriors, Unleash, …) but more importantly 2 he brought the feeling of reassuring, hard to describe the gamers.

ROTK The Legend of CaoCao, although the graphics are not super-product, still bring strong feelings and intense in the decisive attack. The visual effects skill is used at a level that is sufficient for the skill in the game to be used at the best level. And Romance of Three Kingdoms is still considered the most beautiful graphics game in SLG Mobile.

Gameplay is natural

ROTK The Legend of CaoCao is not a game for thoughtful people this is a game “easy”. It is not that your team has strong players that you will win. Gamers here need to adjust the balance in their tactics to ensure that the team can be modified based on the principle of the game. With the principle of infantry engraved with soldiers, soldiers armed with Khinh Cavalry and Khinh Cavalry soldiers. Players must memorize these elements in order to minimize losses and damage to their squad in battle. In addition, each arm can only move to a certain area and attack a certain target within range. So players must be careful every step of their way, every wrong step can cause you to be “crushed”.

The end

Overall, ROTK The Legend of CaoCao is one of the super-tactics in 2018. Here players can spoil the steps, creative ways of thinking of themselves do not need to bore. Discouraged because the players recharge. This will probably be one of the top strategy games on the Mobile platform that is most participants.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download ROTK The Legend of CaoCao MOD APK or ROTK The Legend of CaoCao Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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