NameRoller Splat
Publisher VOODOO
Latest Version1.6
PlatformsAndroid 4.4, iOS 9.0
MOD FeaturesNo


Voodoo publishers always bring simple, easy-to-play games like Helix Jump or Crowd City to make it easy for players to experience in their free time. Most recently, this famous publisher has just added to the great collection of games a game with the name of Roller Splat APK. This is a game that is built in a simple and familiar style but changes in gameplay compared to other products that promise to make players feel excited during the experience. In the game, the player has the task of leading the covered ball to paint over every corner of the maze of different structures to be able to win each level. Before experiencing the game, please refer to this article to get a better understanding of Roller Splat.

The extremely simple control mechanism

Like previous games from Voodoo publisher, Roller Splat has a relatively simple control mechanism to help players get used to it quickly right from the first experience. You just need to swipe up or down on the experience screen to help the ball roll all over the maze easily. When moving, the ball will paint on the white surfaces of the enchantment to make the player feel seamless when playing the game. Remember, your mission is to help every part of the labyrinth covered with paint to win. In general, the integrated control system in the game is relatively easy to understand, certainly will not make it difficult for you during the experience.

Complete the challenge

In Roller Splat, players need to show their ability to observe the situation by leading paintballs moving along the paths in the maze to cover them with a perfect paint to be able to complete the challenge delivered. It sounds simple but when done it will be very difficult because the difficulty will increase rapidly in the next game screen. Therefore, you need to manipulate correctly if you do not want to start over from the zero number.

Each level will give players a completely different type of maze and you have to find ways to paint on every corner of the maze in the shortest time possible. You can see the levels in the game created to help players complete them in a better way. You should avoid painting in an area many times in a game if you want to get the highest score. Of course, there are many stages that make you roll the ball through a position 2 or 3 times to cover the white space. You should remember that rolling over and over again does not have any effect but will only make you take a bit more time to experience.

Some necessary notes

The paintball in Roller Splat will not move slowly according to the player’s action but it will move very quickly. This makes you have a lot of difficulties controlling the ball according to your will. Keep in mind that it just stops moving when touching the built-in walls of each level, so you can take advantage of these walls to give your ball a perfect path as possible.

Roller Splat is a completely free game so you can easily download games through a lot of great online stores today like App Store or Google Play quickly. However, along with that, the ads will appear during the player’s experience to increase the economic profit for the publisher. This is not a new thing on current games so you need to get used to it to avoid inhibition when playing games.

In addition, Roller Splat does not require players to have an internet connection when experiencing. Therefore, you can enjoy the game anytime you want.

Monopolize rankings

Although Roller Splat is a simple game developed in a simple style, it integrates a global ranking to create competition among players around the world. The goal of everyone playing in the game is to win the highest position on the rankings. To do that and pass other players’ rankings, you need to find the shortest and fastest ball rolling path in each level. This game is integrated over 100 different levels. This will definitely give players the excitement during the experience.

Bright, colorful graphics

Although the details in Roller Splat are not too elaborate in terms of images, it can still make players feel satisfied right from the first experience. The details in the game are designed not too fussy but equipped with a very bright color system that promises to bring you a feeling of comfort and relaxation through the phone screen. In addition, Roller Splat does not require your phone configuration to be too high to be experienced, so you can enjoy the game in a stable way on low-profile devices.

Roller Splat is really a fascinating game

Possessing simple but extremely attractive gameplay with beautiful display quality, Roller Splat is truly a game to be experienced in the present time. Although facing many other competitors in the game market, we believe that this game will still have a stable place and is loved by many players around the world through what it brings.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Roller Splat MOD APK or Roller Splat Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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