NameRise of Civilizations
Publisher Lilith Games
Latest Version1.0.18.24
PlatformsAndroid 4.1, iOS 8.0
MOD FeaturesNo


Rise of Civilizations (APK) is an extremely addictive strategy game that will bring players to fierce battles. The game takes context from the centuries BC, the period continued to occur wars to seize the territory between the countries in the world. Everything will be going at a fairly fast pace, which will definitely make you feel like you’re enjoying it for a long time. The publisher of Lilith Games has made it easy for gamers to bring the features of each country to the game, promising to help you feel the importance of endless battles. Are you ready to rewrite the history of the world yet? Download the game via APK link below the article to do it right away.

Create a separate civilization

Standing before the world context is becoming ever more chaos, you will have to try to build a country for himself and beat all the other players to master the vast land. Unlike other strategy games, Rise of Civilizations is built in the style primitive and will not have any modern weapons that appear in the game. Players will build military systems, by building different buildings to exploit resources and train soldiers. Initially, everything will be very difficult to pay attention to the guidance system to better understand the operating style that the game brings.

Before starting the game, you will be selected one of eight countries in the world to experience. For example, choosing China will give you the ability to grow your troops faster than other nations or choose Spain to own a very strong army of warriors with high defense mostly in the game. This will help players easily find a suitable country to experience, allowing you the freedom to create the right tactics to develop the civilization in the way myself.

Start the journey

In the game Rise of Civilizations, the player’s primary priority is to secure resources such as wood, gold, rocks,… they will help you build buildings quickly and serve the purpose in the game. Each build will have a certain build time depending on the level you are upgrading. In general, the way of operation of the game is quite similar to the hit products in the market today as Clash of Clans or Boom Beach will certainly bring the excitement for players from the first time enjoy.

Once you have secured the resources, you can start building your own army. The game Rise of Civilizations brings a military system not too diverse but still makes players feel very satisfied. With the choice of using a Warrior, Infantry, Cavalry, Craft, you can create a variety of tactics to suit each battle. Players can also upgrade their troops to help them gain strength quickly. However, achieving the maximum level requires a relatively long process and the loss of a large number of resources.

Join fierce battle

You can use your military system to invade neighboring lands, thereby stealing valuable resources for the construction of the country. The game allows you to freely engage in battles with other players around the world thanks to an internet connection. This will create extremely vivid and satisfying battles that capture the attention of all players in the game. Are you ready to start conquering the world in the game Rise of Civilizations?

Impressive display quality

Graphics in the game are built on the foundation 3D spectacular, thereby reproduce the vivid view of the battle supposedly most intense in human history. These works depicted in the game are quite successful in bringing the traditional characteristics of the countries worldwide.

Sounds incredibly charismatic

The highlight of the Rise of Civilizations is the sound system is equipped. You will enjoy the disastrous war through the integrated sound extremely reasonable. Thereby reappear fascinating lively atmosphere of each country can help the player immersed in the game quickly.


The game Rise of Civilizations owned every kind of interesting features along with improvements made new through the recent updates that will surely make you feel extremely satisfied. The game allows you to create a civilization of their own creative and unique strategies to beat all players worldwide. This is a war between nations, make sure everything is stable before joining the fierce battle.

Depending on your needs, you can download Rise of Civilizations MOD APK or Rise of Civilizations Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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