NameRevenge of Sultans
Publisher ONEMT
Latest Version1.7.18
PlatformsAndroid 4.0.3, iOS 7.0
MOD FeaturesNo


If you are a leader, and want to be a good commander, but do not know how come on Revenge of Sultans help you do it easily. The game will bring the player to a thrilling royal war where there will be ongoing battles and with no end, will definitely make you feel attracted quickly. This game was developed by ONEMT, a well-known publisher of strategy games and has enjoyed worldwide success. Revenge of Sultans is available on both Android and iOS, with downloads of up to 5 million on CH Play and the App Store, and which are showing signs of recent increases. Promising bring players to feel excited when experiencing these game tactics.

Critical situation

Come to Revenge of Sultans, the player will be transformed into a powerful king of a large country. However, your country is becoming more prosperous and is much more threats. Neighboring countries are jealous of and organize a struggle to take over the throne. The army is not strong enough to resist, you have to give up your power to rebuild another army, waiting for an opportunity to take revenge. Players will start from scratch, do everything to restore their country, then seek to destroy those who betrayed him in the past. Are you ready to become a talented commander in the Revenge of Sultans?

Start again from the ashes

In order to restore all that is lost, food supplies are the first guarantee of our military. You have to lead the people to grow their cultivation and construction of temporary shelters before completing bigger ones. This is a hard time, go through it to achieve great achievements in the future.

At the start of the game, you will be introduced to the Revenge of Sultans operating the system through the built-in navigation system. In general, players need to know the rules of the guide to gain valuable experience, it will bring certain efficiency in the construction of your country later.

Exploit and build the ruins

Next, you can build buildings that serve the army and the people soon after. Each work will bring different uses, you need to experience the game long enough to be able to grasp the principle of their activity. In addition, players can upgrade their works in many different directions, be sure to spend enough money before building something.

After ensuring the stability of the country, the next player to do is build a strong military system. They will help you protect the country from attacks coming from the enemy. Note, your device must be connected to the internet before beginning this gaming experience.

Sowing and fear

With a strong army, players can advance to other countries to plunder resources to advance their country. This will make the Revenge of Sultans more competitive than ever, players will fight each other and create more fierce battles than ever. This is also the purpose comes from the publisher, interesting, is not it?

Graphics and sound nothing to complain

Revenge of Sultans delivers beautiful graphics in a familiar 3D format. Players will see incredible and magnificent buildings, they are portrayed vividly, bringing you to the ancient Roman era quickly, this is also the period of continuous occurrence, the most powerful wars in human history. The publisher of ONEMT has done a great job of integrating the historical context that is well suited to this game.

Acoustic system is also a highlight of the Revenge of Sultans. You will enjoy the background music is full of magic and magnanimous charismatic character of the prosperous Roman country at that time.


Players will enjoy game extremely fascinating epic through this game. Revenge of Sultans is one of the most popular strategy games of the moment. You do not hesitate any longer, please download the game and enjoy the momentous moments that this game brings immediately.

Depending on your needs, you can download Revenge of Sultans MOD APK or Revenge of Sultans Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

Revenge of Sultans: Empires are forged in War
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