NameReally Bad Chess
Publisher Noodlecake Studios
Latest Version1.3.1
PlatformsAndroid 4.0, iOS 7.0
MOD FeaturesNo


The game genre puzzle always brings the appeal and makes the player feel extremely excited to experience. They will help players to train thinking and stimulate the elderly to work as much as possible. Really Bad Chess is a game that possesses the same traditional chess gameplay that players can enjoy right on their phone. Games are now available on the Appstore and Google Play, allowing players to download and join games quickly. Also, clicking on the APK link that is incorporated below this article to experience the game is not a bad idea at all.

About chess

Chess was born around the 6th century and it is still popular in the present time. It originated in India and quickly became one of the most popular intellectual sports. The game of chess is quite simple, each match will be a tension contest between two players together. To understand the rules of the game and how to calculate points in chess you only need to practice in a relatively short time, but to become a mature player will be a very long process. The chessboard offers 64 boxes that allow players to create different moves, resulting in variations in tactics that make the opponent unable to turn back. Every chess piece in the chessboard will work differently, depending on the ability that they bring you to take clever moves and make the opponent lose quickly. In general, this is an intellectual sport that has been recognized internationally and has always attracted players.

Traditional gameplay

Really Bad play Chess unchanged compared to traditional chess. You and your opponent will be given a chess board and the pieces are exactly the same. This is a very intense game, players need to think carefully before making their decision because just one wrong step you will have to pay the price immediately.

If you are a chess player who never ever worry slightly. Really Bad Chess will help you to better understand the play of this subject quickly, the player will be instructed how to move each piece of the puzzle through the built-in instructions. When touching a certain chess piece on the screen, its moving position is clearly displayed on the chessboard to help the player to move easily. Overall, this is another feature that has been around for quite some time now, but Really Bad Chess needs this to help newcomers get accustomed to chess in a short amount of time.

Skills training

Really Bad Chess brings a lot of challenges to the players. You can train your abilities by conquering the whole gameplay. On each level of the game, you will be confronted with a built-in system. If you win you will be taken to the next level to compete against other players. The difficulty of the machine will be increased depending on the number of the game you have passed, in order to win the game requires the player to have sharp thinking along with the ability to judge the situation well.

If you are tired of confrontation with the machine, you can participate in financing compared with other players worldwide. These battles will help you train your thinking, always bring a sense of thrill to the player because you can lose at any time if not focused on the game.

Graphics and sound fairly

Really Bad Chess focuses on developing traditional gameplay, so the graphics quality in the game is not so beautiful. Players may only provide a chessboard and chess pieces with eye-catching colors, along with motion effects in the game quite smooth help players can experience the game smoothly on devices with a low profile. In addition, the in-game sound system is simply the sound of the background music and the noises emitted every time you manipulate it, bring a lot of fun to the player. In general, with the quality of graphics and sound is not too picky from Really Bad Chess is quite easy to understand when it is a game of the usual puzzle.


Currently, on the market there are plenty of gaming products is built in the traditional style of puzzle. With the appearance of Really Bad Chess, it will give players more choices to experience. Although not too different from the rest of the game, we believe that Really Bad Chess can completely attract players from the first time to enjoy the game.

Depending on your needs, you can download Really Bad Chess MOD APK or Really Bad Chess Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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Really Bad Chess: Chess minus memorization
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