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It’s been five years since the Red Dead Redemption debuted worldwide, received a lot of love from the players and quickly became one of the popular RPGs of the traditional RPG genre. Rockstar Games has decided to bring this game back again with the name RDR2: Companion – this is an upgraded version worth a lot of money and brings new improvements promising to attract players from the first time enjoy. The game was only recently launched so it only appeared on the Appstore and has not set an official release date on Ch Play. You can also download the game via the link below this article to experience it quickly. In this article, we will help you read more about what this game.

Wild West

Overall, the RDR2: Companion for Android retains the same context as its male counterpart when it brings players to the wild west, where there are always gun battles between criminals and police. You will be transformed into a true cowboy with the desire to find the ideal life for their own. Players will have to do everything to ensure the safety of their characters against the ever-present threat. In the game, Wild West will be appearing before your eyes in a very vivid and beautiful. Are you ready to discover the excitement surrounding this land?

Your own journey

Participating in RDR2: Companion, players will create their own life without any constraints. You can become a normal cowboy or transform into a true boss in this land. Of course, you have to go through many challenges and complete the tasks assigned to get the position you want in the game.

Initially, you need to understand the gameplay of RDR2: Companion through the built-in guidance system to avoid the state of shock. Players must perform assigned missions to receive some reward. They will help you purchase the necessary equipment such as personal items, weapons, vehicles, … In addition, players can also hunt rare animals such as bear, tiger, rhino… after This makes them valuable commodities and exchanges with notorious traders. RDR2: Companion allows players to participate in the black society gang to carry out the deal illegal. You can shoot yourself and kill anyone in the game, but watch out because they can also threaten your character directly.

Intuitive display interface

The interface in the game is relatively clear and intuitive layout to help players easily get used to the game that RDR2: Companion for iOS brings. During the game experience, only a circle containing the map appears on the player’s screen. This will help you to enjoy the wild west as fully and vividly as possible. You take advantage of the built-in map to quickly see your opponents, making the right decision before each gun battle.

Successfully portray the Wild West

Equipped with 3D graphics platform, RDR2: Companion has successfully portrayed the western wilderness right on your experience screen. The details in the game are carefully polished in terms of form and motion effects will definitely make players unable to take their eyes off the screen while enjoying the game. The images in the game such as cowboys, houses, the environment, … very similar to the real-life version makes the players feel like playing directly into the game. Overall, the graphics quality of the RDR2: Companion is really great compared to other products of the same category.

Sound system

One of the factors that led to the success of the RPG series was the sound system. RDR2: The Companion is also equipped with crystal clear sound quality and extremely vivid to bring great moments to the player experience. You will enjoy the birds singing or the climactic summit vividly through the sound system is invested carefully from the game.


RDR2: Companion MOD APK is a really worth playing product at the moment. Full-fledged gameplay to make the player feel as happy as possible. With multi-tasking system, sharp image quality, engaging gameplay,… RDR2: Companion will make you unable to take your eyes off the game screen. Are you ready? Download the game and become a cowboy to realize your own ideal life right now.

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