NameRavensword: Shadowlands
Publisher Crescent Moon Games
Latest Version1.3
PlatformsAndroid 4.0, iOS 9.0
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money


Ravensword: Shadowlands (MOD, Unlimited Money) is a game that was released long ago, but it still gets a lot of love from players at the moment. This is a product from the publisher Crescent Moon Games, they have achieved a lot of success with the previous games such as Topia World Builder and AX.IO. Most of the products come from this issue are invested carefully in terms of gameplay and graphics. Ravensword: Shadowlands is also a traditional role-playing game, promising to take players to new lands. In order to experience this game, you have to spend about $ 7 to download games on CH Play, but the APK link below this article will help you join the game quickly without any charge any. Let’s find out the highlights from this game.

Discover kingdom Tyres

Your kingdom is living faces threats from dinosaurs, they constantly harass and make the life of the people becomes a crisis. Because you are among the best warriors in the Tyreas kingdom, you should be given the task of protecting the safety of the people of the country. You will be brought to a relatively unknown land, where faced with a lot of ferocious creatures. Players must perform their assigned tasks alone and not receive any help, the dinosaurs are willing to devour you if not focused on the game. Are you ready to become a hero of the nation through this game yet? Download the game and do it right away.

Simple control mode

Ravensword: Shadowlands is like the game of other RPGs. The control system is integrated into the game quite simple to help players do not take too much time to get acquainted. With the virtual steering wheel located on the left side of the screen, it will make it easy to navigate the characters easily. Along with that is the operating system is located to the right of the screen, whereby the player can launch attacks or perform desired actions in the game. In general, keeping the same control system as a regular game is very appropriate from the publisher. This will not cause a feeling of familiarity for the players right from the first game experience.

Character customization

Before you start your journey, you will be customizing your character with the built-in features of the game. Ravensword: Shadowlands allows players to freely transform faces, looks, identity traits, etc. for their characters with ease. You can create characters that match your hobbies for companionship throughout the game experience.

Discover new lands

After character customization is successful, players will begin their journey in Ravensword: Shadowlands immediately. The navigation system will help you to better understand the game built in gameplay. Players need to complete the assigned tasks in order to receive the appropriate reward, which will help you to possess the necessary weapons to ensure the safety of the battle with monsters.

You will be free to move in the game without being subject to any constraints. This will bring the players to comfort in the process of experiencing so that you can explore new areas and learn new things are integrated through the journey. Pay attention to the map located in the right corner of the screen, it will help you understand the path in the game for easier operation. Ravensword: Shadowlands brings a relatively long journey. If you want to understand the game’s storyline requires players to the game over a period of time long enough. In general, with what game ownership will help you enjoy the wonderful moments of great enjoyment on your phone.

Graphics quality stable

Having launched a long time ago, so Ravensword: Shadowlands is not great care in terms of graphics. The details in the game are eye-catching but not too sharp. However, if you are a favorite line role-playing game, the game still tradition can meet the needs adequately.

Should experience Ravensword: Shadowlands?

The publisher has officially announced to stop the update for this game a long time ago, which makes Ravensword: Shadowlands is not comparable with the same game genre in the present time. With what the game brings, you can still enjoy moments of enjoyable experiences through the vast lands of the game and free to implement what they want without incurring any obligation to from game.

Depending on your needs, you can download Ravensword: Shadowlands MOD APK or Ravensword: Shadowlands Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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