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  • App details
  • Publisher Ketchapp
  • Platforms Android 4.1+ iOS 8.0+
  • Price Free
  • Size 38M
  • Latest Version 1.0
  • Date Updated October 29, 2018

Publisher Ketchapp always brings excitement to players as they experience their products. Indeed, these games come from publisher Ketchapp which is extremely simple to play but possesses extremely high levels of addictive nature that make it impossible for you to take your eyes off the screen during the experience. Prince of Persia: Escape is the latest addition to Ketchapp, featuring a simple traditional style of play like the previous ones, which promises to give players the opportunity to enjoy the ultimate in seconds. The game is currently only available on the Appstore and there is no official release date on Google Play, but you can download the game easily via the integrated APK link below this article.

Simple plot

Prince of Persia: Escape for Android is not too focused on the plot, context of the game revolves around a huge castle. The player will be transformed into a young man, whose mission is to rescue the princess from the threat of evil witches. Can be seen in the story of Prince of Persia: Escape is quite similar to the role-playing game in general. This is quite reasonable and helps players to quickly get acquainted, without spending too much time to learn. You must act now to ensure the safety of the princess, to participate in the game and overcome the challenges that await right now.

download prince of persia escape

Overcoming obstacles

Style of operation in Prince of Persia: Escape is not too fussy, the game focuses on minimalist manipulation for the player to ensure simplicity throughout the game experience. The game allows the character to automatically move forward, your task is to touch the screen to help him dodge the obstacles in each level. Is not it easy? But believe us, everything really starts when you do the first challenge. The next screens play will increase the difficulty quickly, causing the player is always in a state of anxiety when playing the game.

download prince of persia escape for ios

Your character only promised a unique facility during life gaming experience. If you collide with an obstacle will cause you to lose quickly. Note, the obstacles will appear randomly from the ground or on the wall to make players feel surprised and cannot handle in time. Players need to stay calm with their ability to focus high on the obstacles that are randomly integrated on the go.

Endless labyrinth

Prince of Persia: Escape for iOS owns the number screens play extremely diverse, promising to make the players do not get bored during the game. You will have to overcome the first challenge to be able to continue the next level. At the next level, the difficulty level will be increased by speeding up the game speed and causing the character to move at a fast pace will definitely make the player feel very excited.

download prince of persia escape for android

Each level will bring players to the difficult challenges, you will have to overcome all the game that Prince of Persia: Escape brought to be able to rescue the princess. A very special point is that none of the guards will appear to hinder you, this is to help players minimize pressure during the experience. This is a game that is built in a simple style, so it will not have any equipment yet built. This means you will not receive any assistance, during the gaming experience.

Traditional graphics

If you have experienced the game a few decades ago, you will definitely notice the similarities between Prince of Persia: Escape and them. With the graphics are not so special, but you can still feel the adventure vividly through the image quality is quite good. The transition effects in the game are relatively smooth for most low-end devices.

download prince of persia escape apk

Sounds very attractive

Background music in the game is equipped with a classic style, brings melancholy ghost players while enjoying. You will enjoy the exciting journey through the live sound system that the game brings. In addition, the noise emitted when the player performs the action is also very interesting and engaging.


Prince of Persia: Escape APK is built in a simple style, so the features that appear in this game are minimized to suit the player. The picture quality along with the sound system that the game brings is not so great but still ensures the balance for the player when experiencing. If you are looking for a game to keep you entertained in spare time, Prince of Persia: Escape will be a great choice.

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