NamePAYDAY: Crime War
Publisher OVERKILL Software
Latest Version180906.1826
PlatformsAndroid 4.1
MOD FeaturesNo


The game genre RPG, increasingly popular and developed on more mobile platforms. Most of the games of this type owned operations extremely simple controls, but that players must take some time to get acquainted. PAYDAY: Crime War is a game like that when equipped with spectacular graphics platform combined with bold action gameplay, sure to make you always feel the excitement during the experience. The publisher OVERKILL Software has done a great job with this product, which game is currently available on Google Play and App Store. In this article, we will help you understand more about the highlights that this game delivers.

The highlight in controls

Although built on a mobile platform, PAYDAY: Crime War control system possesses other not too much compared on PC. You will be provided with a virtual steering wheel on the left side of the phone screen to help your character move easily. Important controls such as jumping, throwing grenades, shooting, etc. will be placed on the right. That will help the player can manipulate it with both hands, thereby implementing the necessary actions quickly.

These duels peak

In today’s society, there is always the tension between the two forces of police and crime. PAYDAY: Crime War will recreate the screen confrontation between two powerful climaxes this. Players will be transformed into one of the two factions and perform the assigned tasks, depending on their preferences you can quickly pick the appropriate character and join the battle. In general, the story of the game is built not so special compared to the same product category, but certainly will make players feel satisfied right after the experience.

Performing duties

PAYDAY: Crime War will bring you to a battlefield with 3 other teammates. Your mission is to coordinate well and help them in critical situations, thereby winning quickly in each battle. Each player will have a certain task that requires you to work fast to be able to complete the assigned challenge and to assist your teammates in time.

If you the faction joining the police, you will have to try to protect the banks, restaurants, hotels,… escape the attacks from criminals dangerous. Please assign tasks sensibly, to blockade the key terrain makes them inaccessible. The tactics that are featured in this game, if you have the right tactics combined with the team spirit, you will win easily. On the other hand, if you join criminal force you need to keep a cold head in a direct confrontation with the police, they will not let you accomplish goals simply. To survive in this challenge, you need to show great ability to manipulate and work closely with their teammates to complete assigned tasks.

Variety store

You will receive a corresponding amount after winning every screens play. They will help you own the necessary equipment such as guns, knives, costumes … In addition, PAYDAY: Crime War also allows players to change the character in each battle, according to the index each character you can easily use the money of you rational. If you have a high indexed character, it will help you survive longer in battle and deal more damage to your opponent.

Excellent display quality

PAYDAY: Crime War is formatted 3D graphics, allowing players to enjoy fierce battles in a lively and beautiful way. The quality of the game’s environment is quite sharp, so highlighting the effect of bombs and grenades will make you feel very excited when you experience. Note, to ensure stability in the course of the game you need to own a device with a high configuration.

Appealing sound system

The game brings a lively sound system, combined with the noises extremely authentic. Additionally, when you perform operations such as shooting, throwing grenades, … will contribute to the reproduction of the gameplay. This undoubtedly will captivate and intriguing players in the process of enjoying.

The end

The FPS genre games always make the player cannot take your eyes off the screen while experience. PAYDAY: Crime War is a game as too, it is equipped with extremely beautiful graphics background combined with smooth transition effect will definitely make you attracted quickly. If you are looking for a traditional shooting game, the PAYDAY: Crime War would be a perfect fit option for you in the present moment. Please click on the link below to download the game immediately.

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