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For people who are passionate about the cartoon films from Japan will not miss a series of legend POKEMON that have been liked by lots of generation and have gone through many stages of development. There are a lot of game publishers in the world that focus on POKEMON, but only a few of them have achieved such success as Pokémon Shuffle Mobile or Pokemon GO. In this article, we will introduce you Monster GO – a product built in the traditional POKEMON style but it brings a lot of surprise for players through the unique features. The game is developed by the publisher of 株式会社 横 川 ゲ ー ム who is gradually asserting their place in the current gaming market with new features for Monster GO. Let’s explore the fun that this game brings right now.

Meet the familiar characters

Monster GO are developed according to the original POKEMON comic, so it will focus on exploiting the familiar characters such as Satoshi, Kasumi, Takeshi, … In addition, the player will be met the lovely POKEMON that possesses tremendous power. It promises to bring extremely beautiful and fierce match for players as soon as the game experience. Although POKEMON was released long ago, what it brings really worth to enjoy again. Let Monster GO help you get back to your childhood right away by downloading the game through the APK link bellowing the post, please.

The interface is relatively simple

The interface of the game is not too sophisticated but it still provides the necessary information for the player. Most of the basic features in the game are integrated directly on the screen to help players catch up with the necessary parameters of the character easily. You only need a few simple actions to get a better understanding of important activities in the game such as Guild, Card, Trainer, Pokemon, Mail,…

In addition, color in Monster GO brings youth along with the bright colors which will ensure that inspire you when participating in the game. In general, the interface in the game is very impressive to contribute to the success of the game up to now then.

The style of game is really distinctive

Before starting the first adventure in the Monster GO, you will get used to the plot of the game through the small story that is combined skillfully. This will make the experience of the player be much more seamless and fascinating than the normal plot.

The activities of the player in the GO Monster! similar to the games which are the same type. You will have to perform the assigned tasks in the game to receive the worth reward. Players need to collect rare types of Pokémon and turn them into great collaborators during the game experience. At the same time, you will be allowed to upgrade characters and optimize their power by the amount of money earned in each match.

Basically, the gameplay of Monster GO focus on the fierce confrontation between the POKEMON. The player must help his character become stronger to be able to beat all the other opponents. The highlight of this game is that it allows players to control directly POKEMON in each battle which will make you feel excited and feel the fun the game brings.

Joining dramatic battles

Once you get used to the basic activities of Monster GO APK, you will start fiercest battles soon after. Players will have to control their character to defeat the enemy in each level. The first challenge is quite simple to help you understand the way of controlling that the game brings easily. Players will have to use the virtual keys integrated on the screen to help her character move while performing beautiful strings of skills and killing the opponent in a flash. Overall, the gameplay of Monster GO is quite similar to the games that concern the type of action which make players cannot take their eyes off the screen during the experience period.

Each type of POKEMON in the game is equipped with a completely different set of skills, which will help players select the appropriate character in each battle easily. Please changing POKEMON in each match, which will help you get the initial advantage before confronting other players.

The design of the game is truly amazing

Graphics quality is one of the most distinctive features of Monster GO compared to other products of the same category. It owns a beautiful 3D graphics format combined with the traditional POKEMON style. It will definitely make you not feel boring when you experience the game for a long time. In addition, the quality of the game’s environment is well-designed with bright colors promising to bring incredibly beautiful and fascinating frames. The transitions in the game are so smooth that the quality of the experience of the player is guaranteed consistently.


Although there are many competitors in the gaming market, Monster GO MOD APK stands out from the rest thanks to the attractive gameplay with beautiful graphics. In addition, the game also brings the player back to his childhood once more through the extremely familiar characters. You can download games and enjoy them easily with online stores like Google Play or Appstore.

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