Modern Strike Online APK Download - Action shooter for Android/iOS

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  • App details
  • Publisher Azur Interactive
  • Platforms Android 4.1+ iOS 8.0+
  • Price Free
  • Size 44M
  • Latest Version 1.25.4
  • Date Updated October 29, 2018

If you are looking for a classic shooter game, combining action-packed, you should not miss Modern Strike Online. This is a game that will bring intense fighting moments, choking scenes to find the winner in each battle. This game was developed by Azur Interactive Games – a publisher who is quite alien to the gaming community, they gradually prove its position in the gaming market. With more than 10 million installs on Google Play, Modern Strike Online has been a success in confirming its appeal worldwide. Let’s take a look at the features of this game through this article.

The guidance system is quite detailed

At the beginning of the game, you will be introduced to the way it operates with the training screen, will have to pay attention to overcome this stage as quickly as possible. Players will start by aiming their targets on the screen, of course, there will be no real players for you to practice, instead, the mannequin system will do that to minimize training time of the player.

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The controls are integrated directly into the experience screen, so you can easily master it if you are really focused. In general, if you have ever experienced the same game, it will not take too long to get used to the features of Modern Strike Online.

The war is not over

Join the game, you can choose between the two police or robbery to start their own battle. This selection is not so important, it only gives players more choices to increase the fun of the game experience. Modern Strike Online for Android is not just a lone fight, you will have to work well with your teammates to win the game. Be friendly with your teammates, maybe in dangerous situations they will help you to survive unexpectedly.

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Of course, your enemies are not weak. They are fully equipped to prepare for this endless war. You need to be careful in each step of your move to avoid being knocked down easily.

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With every fight, Modern Strike Online it will bring you to different places. Requires players to quickly get familiar with the terrain of each place to be able to gain a small advantage before the enemy. Take advantage of hidden corners or perfect hiding places on the map, stingray tactics is also one of the reasonable options in this game it. This will make the enemy do not understand the reason for being down and feel angry than ever, it is great not to.

Intuitive display interface

Modern Strike Online for iOS has done a great job of providing a fairly intuitive interface. Players are dealt with directly after the end of each level. You can buy the weapon or equipment needed in the shop to get ready in the next battle. In addition, this game also offers a very rich weapon system that allows players to choose the suit depending on their needs.

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Rewards will be displayed after each game, you can use that money to buy the items needed for you. You need to spend the right reason not to waste the money you earn.

Relatively beautiful graphics

Thanks to the 3D graphics format, Modern Strike Online APK is excellent at delivering great image quality to the players. You will experience the colorful battles in this game, accompanied by breathtaking tensions that promise to make the player feel excited while experiencing.

Also, if you have a device that has not been configured not strong enough, you can adjust the graphics level to jerk and lag during competition. This is a special feature that the publisher of Azur Interactive Games has to offer players.


Overall, Modern Strike Online is highly regarded by players around the world for what it delivers. The game has been successful initially to attract players by simple but no less aggressive game, it will certainly make you feel good when participating in the exciting battle in this game.

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