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  • App details
  • Publisher Capcom
  • Platforms Android 5.0+ iOS 8.0+
  • Price Free
  • Size 76M
  • Latest Version 1.0.0
  • Date Updated October 29, 2018

Are you ready to take part in the endless adventure in MHST The Adventure Begins? Although released in recent times, this game has received a lot of positive feedback from players around the world. As a successful product from the publisher of CAPCOM, the game features many outstanding features such as extremely beautiful image quality combined with unique gameplay, will definitely make you can not take your eyes off the screens play during the experience. MHST The Adventure Begins is set in the traditional role-playing style, portrays the beautiful friendship between the characters in the game, promising to bring the experience extremely great for players. Let’s find out some special points of this game.


MHST The Adventure Begins for Android will bring players to a vast world where humans and monsters live in harmony. The story begins with three close friends Lilita, Cheval, and Kid finding an egg in a deep forest adventure. They brought it to the village and weres afraid of the help of their predecessors to better understand the origin of the egg. Rathalos, the mother of the egg, rushes to the village to retrieve his lost child.

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After a period of fighting between the two sides, the villagers also destroyed the monster Rathalos and regain the inherent peace. Soon afterward, three close friends with the egg were expelled from the village to avoid future threats. You will be transformed into one of three characters to make this adventure full of fun, download the game link APK is integrated under the article and write the story in the game right away.

Start the journey

You will be visiting the vast expanses of land in MHST The Adventure Begins. Each land will own different scenery as well as a completely different layout that will definitely make a strong impression on the player in the first experience. Take action to help your character move constantly, so find out the interesting things integrated into the game right away.

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The mission system will appear continuously to help players better understand the storyline of the game. You need to be in the designated area so that you can fulfill your assigned tasks, learn valuable experience and apply it quickly. Most of the tasks in MHST The Adventure Begins are integrated short video to help players get into the game quickly, this is a remarkable point that the publisher CAPCOM has equipped for their products.

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Familiar control system

Your task in this game is to find the eggs that appear randomly on the map, then wait for some time to hatch eggs into funny animals but possessing scary power. Train them and make them a good companion during the game experience. Each species in MHST The Adventure Begins for iOS own appearance as well as various strengths so that players can easily choose the appropriate to experience. You can increase their power by searching for assault or defense equipment that increases your pet’s survival in fierce battles. After securing the necessary power, players can join the battle with other players around the world. You just have to look at the phone screen to enjoy the exciting thing right after without doing anything. This will help players not need to manipulate too much in the game but can still feel the fun it brings.

download mhst the adventure begins apk

Amazing graphics

The graphics quality that MHST The Adventure Begins brings quite nice, with the use of 3D graphics platform allows players to enjoy the fight fiercely vividly. The details in the game are described in traditional cartoon style promising to make you feel good from the first experience. When performing the skill, the effects will be smoothly fulfilled to meet the player’s needs for a traditional role-playing game.


General, MHST The Adventure Begins APK is fully capable to have a certain place in the market today thanks to the extremely special operating style and excellent display quality. Sound quality is integrated into the game is very lively, certainly will make players cannot take their eyes off the phone during the experience. Are you ready to explore the vast lands in this game yet? Download the game and do it right away.

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