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  • Publisher FoxNext Games
  • Platforms Android 4.4+ iOS 10.0+
  • Price Free
  • Size 104M
  • Latest Version 2.2.1
  • Date Updated December 18, 2018

According to the new information we received, company FoxNext Games new launches Marvel Strike Force game globally. Is a superhero role-playing game, revolving around superheroes like Iron Man, Black Widow, Spider-Man,… was no stranger. Publisher FoxNext Games is full of former members of Marvel’s parent company, Kabam: Contest of Champions and the Marvel Strike Force is their first product at the new headquarters in New Zealand. Now invite everyone to explore this fascinating game.

Introduce Marvel Strike Force – Official superhero version of FoxNext Games

Marvel Strike Force for Android gives people a plot that revolves around the superhero universe. With the main task is to fight against Thanos and wicked men on the planet are plotting to invade Earth. Before the aliens invaded Earth, the superheroes were fighting together to protect the earth. You have to command your superheroes, to create the strongest team including Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Loki, Venom, Elektra, Captain America, and Iron Man.

download marvel strike force

Strategic gameplay

Join the game Marvel Strike Force, your task is to become the highest commander. You need to find and select the superheroes involved in the mysterious task. Create a team of up to five superheroes, each with a superhero who has the skills and power different. Being a role-playing game with turn-based combat style, possessing superheroes is not enough, but also must have a reasonable strategy throughout the battle to win. When attacked, each superhero will use his skills to attack the designated opponent, combined with the team to win.

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Diverse character system

In the game Marvel Strike Force for iOS, have up to 70 different characters, giving people the option. In addition, some of the names have not been revealed by FoxNext Games, but will still be the way character the to support you throughout the battle. Each superhero has different characteristics and features. In order to promote the strength of the character, you need to collect more equipment to develop more power. As you upgrade skills, new moves will be revealed and you can make new tactical choices.

download marvel strike force for android

Graphics and sound lively

In terms of graphics, publisher FoxNext Games offers players stunning 3D graphics, with many impressive designs. From character creation to tactics are described in detail and fineness, promising to bring players a great experience in 2018. Besides, the sound system is vibrant through the actual three-dimensional space, you will be admired a game of great authenticity and dramatic sound.

download marvel strike force apk

Summon the strongest superheroes

Marvel Strike Force APK is an online role-playing game, typified by a variety of superhero systems from the Marvel Universe. You can build up a force of up to 70 different characters, with the name of the characters being revealed. These superheroes, in particular, have links to each other, as they are on the same team creating powerful effects that will aid you throughout the battle.

Each superhero in the game has to collect many different types of equipment to thrive, and they have between 3 and 4 unique abilities of their own. When upgrading skills, new abilities will unlock and reveal new tactical options. For example, Daredevil can only initially attack one target in a turn but can grow to produce multiple targets with multiple enemies in one turn. This will help expand the tactics you can use when upgrading a superhero.


Overall, Marvel Strike Force has a lot of rich character systems, you can participate in the experience to unlock gradually to the task. As you gather more infinity stones, the reward system and a series of compelling events will be opened. Currently, Marvel Strike Force available for free on the Android and iOS platforms.

Note: Anyone can download the Marvel Strike Force for Android/iOS to experience, or subscribe here to get 500 Power Cores, 50,000 Gold, and 3-star Daredevil before the game launches.

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