Name Maplestory M
Publisher NEXON
Latest Version1.3900.496
PlatformsAndroid 4.4, iOS 8.0
MOD FeaturesNo


Korean publishers have always known how to make successful games in terms of visuals and gameplay, making people feel satisfied with the quality of their experience. And the publisher Nexon Company took advantage of this and launched the game 메이플 스토리 M, which is expected to bring players back to their childhood quickly. However, to meet the needs of people around the world, they have created an English version called MapleStory M (APK). This will give you easy access to the game without too much language difficulties. The game is currently available on CH Play and Appstore stores, allowing gamers to easily enjoy on mobile devices. Let’s find out the interesting things from the game through this article.

Is MapleStory M different from 메이플 스토리 M?

According to the publisher, MapleStory M will not have much of a difference from the 메이플 스토리 M. The two versions differ only in terms of language integration in the game, in addition to features that are attractive from the two versions will be exactly the same. Changing the language will make it easier for players around the world to access the game, without any difficulty. Therefore, you can be assured when choosing one of these two versions to experience.

Return to childhood

MapleStory M built in the gameplay goes conventional scene, one of the most popular games of the past 10 years. If you are a fan of this game, you will definitely feel quite familiar with what the game brings. This would be a very appropriate choice to help childhood back again, and I’m sure there will be a lot of people still looking for a game that looks like. And the publisher Nexon Company has responded to the needs of the majority of players around the world.

You will be attracted to the game quickly, because of the familiar gameplay that it brings. It will definitely bring you exciting experiences without any game on the market today can do it. Ready to feel it?

Start the exciting journey

Before you start the game, you need to choose one of five different sects is Dark Knight, Bowmaster, Night Lord, Bishop and Corsair to accompany them throughout the game experience. Naturally, each sect will bring strength and weaknesses vary, please choose carefully based on your interests to get the necessary excitement when joining games. In addition, MapleStory M also allows players to freely choose the shape of their character such as changing hairstyles, skin color, costume,… great, is not it?

Soon after, the player needs to follow the built-in instructions to get the most panoramic view of the game. Try to focus on getting to know the way you operate in the shortest possible time so that you can optimize the performance that comes with it.

Start the fight

Taking part in Boss hunts is also a good thing in this game, you will be familiar with the monsters from weak to strong depending on different levels. Believe me, do not do it alone, find your own teammates in MapleStory M for maximum effect. The interesting point from this game is that building a community of players to support each other and overcome the difficult challenges, why not try to do it? It will be very interesting.

New control system

The controls in MapleStory M are simple enough for many players and do not take too long to get used to. Players can control their character directly through the experience screen, launching continuous attacks with powerful skills by clicking on the icons placed to the right of the screen. Not too difficult, is not it?

Legendary role-playing game on mobile

Overall, MapleStory M has done so well with what it delivers. The game can be considered one of the most successful titles from publisher Nexon Company. With the graphics depicted in the familiar chibi animation style, will definitely make you feel better about this game. Download games enjoy and immerse yourself in the world of dreams.

Depending on your needs, you can download Maplestory M MOD APK or Maplestory M Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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