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Magic Girl: Fire Up is the latest game from SUPER EXPERT publisher. Compared to other products such as Block Puzzle Jewels Legend or Solitaire, this game does not create too many accents in terms of gameplay but will definitely bring players great experience moments. Magic Girl: Fire Up allows players to transform into real witches who are on the mission to destroy the dark forces outside the universe. Everything will become simpler if you keep the focus during the experience, thereby gaining the highest score in each level of your game. The game is currently available on both App Store and Google Play, allowing you to easily access and experience the game quickly. In this article, we will answer for you some of the necessary issues before starting to enjoy the game.

How to play simple

Magic Girl: Fire Up possesses a very simple way of playing when bringing the operating system to be greatly shortened compared to other products on the market. You just need to touch the screen and swipe left or right to help your character move easily. Although the operation in the game is not too fussy, if not focused, you will lose quickly. Later on, the more you have to control your character more logical it is if you don’t want to start over from a zero number.

In the game, you will be transformed into any character to destroy all obstacles present on the way. Each obstacle in the game will have different defenses, you can see it through the numbers integrated inside the obstacles. They will constantly appear during the move, you need to control your character to shoot them down immediately or minimize the collision if you do not want to play again from the beginning. The special thing is that the character will automatically perform shooting operations during the journey, which will help you not need to manipulate too much in the game.


To be able to destroy all obstacles on the way, players need to control their characters to move left or right continuously to shoot them down. But don’t be too dependent on destroying obstacles because your mission in the game is to move as far as possible to achieve the highest possible score. Note, you just need to destroy an obstacle that is enough to help your character keep moving forward.

Later on, the defense of the obstacles will be greatly increased making the player encounter many difficulties in Vietnam destroy them. This means that the pace of the game will become faster to make the player feel confused and difficult to control accurately, so you need to be very calm in each situation to find out the best solution for yourself.
In general, the player’s manipulation speed plays a very important role in protecting the safety of his character. You need to be really focused while playing the game, and perform a continuous swipe to help your character move as reasonably as possible.

Upgrade power

Magic Girl: Fire Up also provides players with relatively diverse skills system to be able to complete assigned tasks easily. After each level of play, you will receive a certain amount of money used to shop or upgrade the character’s power. This will help your character become stronger than ever and ready to destroy any obstacles that get in the way all the way. Note, the more upgrades, the higher the amount of consumption will be in the next time.

In addition, players can use the money they earn to own other new characters in Magic Girl: Fire Up. The system of characters in the game is quite special when bringing characters with different shapes to help players easily choose according to their preferences. You should alternately change characters in the next game to not be bored when you experience the game for a long time. Note, the new character will not help your power in the game increase but only play a mental role mainly.

The image quality is relatively beautiful

The details in the game are described not too fussy about the image but still retain a certain beauty. It can be seen that the images in the game are portrayed relatively successfully through unique design features along with the color system arranged in a proper way that will surely make you feel extremely satisfied right from the time enjoy the game. Because it was developed in a simple, traditional style, it makes the transition effect in Magic Girl: Fire Up extremely smooth, so you can experience the game in a stable way on low-profile devices.


Magic Girl: Fire Up is a product that has just been released not so long ago but integrating interesting features will definitely not make you feel disappointed when you experience it. Gameplay in the game is not too different from other products but really brings relaxation for players throughout the process of enjoying the game. You can download the game using the APK link below to directly play the game and make the most accurate judgment.

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