NameMadden NFL Overdrive Football
SizeVaries with device
Latest Version5.4.0
PlatformsAndroid 4.4, iOS 11.0
MOD FeaturesNo


Compared to other sports, rugby has always been a disappointment in the gaming market. However, with the recent Madden NFL Overdrive Football game, promises to bring a new breeze and make rugby become more familiar to players around the world. The game was developed by Electronic Arts, a well-known sports game publisher for the time being, and has produced a number of successful products have become a symbol of the gaming market. Present, Madden NFL Overdrive Football is available on both Android and iOS, allowing players easy access to and discovering new things that come with it.

Sports Game Market

In today’s gaming market, there are not too many direct competitors to the Madden NFL Overdrive Football. That has contributed to the recent success of this game, compared to games like FIFA or My NBA 2K18, Madden NFL Overdrive Football is fully capable of overthrowing the dominance of the game my elder brother. Let’s see if this game is going to be the next successful product coming from EA.

The intuitive interface

The products from the EA publisher are always well-groomed in terms of interface, which contributes to the gameplay appeal to gamers. You will easily navigate your way through the main interface of the Madden NFL Overdrive Football, which is fully integrated to make the player quickly get used to the way the game works and quickly take a look the game is extremely attractive.

An interesting arena

In the game, your task is to help your team win each match, thereby winning the ticket to the professional league. Players will have to start from an amateur team with anonymous players, they will increase the stats when leveling up, try to win so much to receive the reward worthy. The game Madden NFL Overdrive Football is built around a common regular rugby style, with the goal of helping your players land the ball as quickly as possible. Use the right tactics and the quick action to make opponents in no time.

If you are knowledgeable about the rugby, sure that Madden NFL Overdrive Football brings get gameplay will make you feel familiar and attractive to enjoy. Each match will be a real fight, you have to control all the players on the field, they will move constantly to help you to make the ball pass rational break the defense system, then finish the ball with a divine sprint to score points.

High teamwork

This is a team game, the ability to coordinate team will be necessary to be able to win. You can not break through the ball by yourself, pass the ball to the players moving in the beautiful position that will help to put the ball into the opponent’s goal easier than ever. If the opponent is in possession of the ball, the player must find ways to rob the ball if they do not want to create dangerous opportunities. Try to block the crowd before the ball up from the opponent, it will help you limit loss before the ball phase seems harmless.

Extremely beautiful graphics

Like other games coming from EA, the Madden NFL Overdrive Football is equipped with beautiful 3D graphics with immersive transition effects that will surely make players feel good the first time experiment. The details such as players, stadiums, audiences,… are described quite carefully, creating a life like a rugby match normally.

In addition, cheers from the audience across the hall will be a tremendous source of encouragement for the players, it will create a feeling of excitement and help you to be alert when participating in the battle fight.


Overall, Madden NFL Overdrive Football MOD APK is really engaging in a variety of aspects. A game portrays successful rugby matches really, with many new visual and styling enhancements, will definitely make you feel excited about what it brings. Truly, this is a game of rugby sport’s most successful to date at present.

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