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M.A.D. 8: Heroes Battle is the latest role-playing game from the publisher Trypot Studios. In the game, you will be transformed into powerful characters with the mission of fighting forces from the United States government. Players will be free to explore dangerous missions synonymous with that you must face lots of dangers come from many directions. Show your ability of the control to survive in critical situations. M.A.D. 8: Heroes Battle is currently available on Google Play and no official information which is available on the App Store, IOS devices need much time to download and experience the game. However, the APK link below this article will help you do that easily.

To become a villain

If other games focus on exploiting images from honest people, then M.A.D. 8: Heroes Battle for Android is the opposite. The characters in this game are powerful villains, they come from all over the world and are ready to destroy anything that blocks them. Because of disagreement with the misconceptions of the United States government, you must gather a hero team, in company with Shadow Tech weapons to overthrow the government and reclaim justice for the people. It can be said that the story of the game is meticulously built, which makes the players feel seamless throughout the game experience.

Take part in a basic training course

Before starting the game, you will be joined a training for acquainting yourself with the basic operations of the game. Players must follow the instructions given and using their skills properly to destroy all enemies on the map. If you have ever experienced such role-playing game series, it will not take much time to control the M.A.D. 8: Heroes Battle fluently.

The in-game control system is familiar with the virtual steering wheel integrated on the left side of the screen to help character move easily. At the same time, the character’s skills system is visually displayed on the right of the game screen, which allows the player to act both hands when playing the game.

The fierce battlefield

M.A.D. 8: Heroes Battle for iOS will take you to extremely fierce battlegrounds, where you have to coordinate well with your comrades to try to destroy all enemies and to win the battle. In order to do this, players need to come up with the right tactics in each situation if they do not want to be knocked down quickly. Strong Bosses will appear at the end of each mission, move quickly and make the most of the power of your character to defeat them.

Build the best formation

Because M.A.D. 8: Heroes Battle has just recently appeared, it is still in the finishing phase of the game to improve the quality of the experience for players. The game features eight heroes with a variety of skill systems that allow you to quickly pick the characters which are reasonable for your formation. In addition, the publisher of Trypot Studios promises to bring more characters through the next update.

In addition to possessing powerful characters, you need to upgrade your Shadow Tech weapons system to help them maximize their power. Basically, players have to experience the game for a long time to achieve what they want in M.A.D. 8: Heroes Battle.

Beautiful graphics

The highlight of the graphics comes from M.A.D. 8: Heroes Battle MOD APK is that it is equipped with advanced graphics Unreal Engine 4, this will help players enjoy the extremely beautiful and lively matches. Along with that, the smooth transition effects allow the player to feel the battle in a completely new style.

In addition, the details in the game are invested very carefully in the image, thereby creating unique features in each gesture of each character. Note, for a stable gaming experience, you need to have a device that has a high configuration to meet the requirements of the game.

M.A.D. 8: Heroes Battle is really fascinating

Compared to the role-playing products on the market, M.A.D. 8: Heroes Battle brings a really new way of playing as well as excellent image quality. Coming to the game, you will enjoy the extremely exciting fighting moments through the difficult tasks that the game brings. Are you ready to be a great commander in this game? Quickly download games and do it right away.

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