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Have you ever thought of meeting famous heroes in the novel Three Kingdoms? This is a topic that could have been a lot of game publisher focused on exploiting, but Legend of Dynasty made us feel more impressive than the other products. Although set in the Three Kingdoms era, the characters in the game designed in Japanese manga style is very interesting and unique, promising to make you feel excited as soon as the game experience. The game is developed by the publisher CMGE Group Limited and is available on both Google Play and allows players to download and enjoy the game easily. In this article, we will help you learn some of the special points that come from this game.

Became a hero of the nation

The background in the Legend of Dynasty for Android is kept intact compared to the original manga, which will help players immerse themselves in the fierce battles of one of the most turbulent periods in Chinese history. This is the power struggle between the three kingdoms Wei, Shu, Wu. Legend of Dynasty will allow you to transform into a general of one of the three kingdoms with the task of defeating all the opponents and unifying the country. This is not a simple challenge, are you ready to solve the fierce battle in this game yet?

Meet these famous heroes

Legend of Dynasty brings you a variety of character systems, with over 135 different heroes you can easily choose a character suitable for companionship during the game experience. Of course, players can replace their heroes in different battles to take full advantage of the power they bring. This will allow you to meet famous heroes such as Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhuge Liang, Cao Cao,… and control them according to their wishes very easily.

Each character in the game will possess different skill system, through which players can grasp the advantages and disadvantages of them to make the most accurate decisions in each fight. In addition, with over 675 built-in skills, the Legend of Dynasty will definitely keep you occupied by the battles that the game brings. Quickly download the game using the APK link below and experience the game right away.

The fiercest battlefield

Legend of Dynasty for iOS is built in the familiar role-playing style so the way of control in the game is relatively easy. You only need a few simple operations to control your character moving or launching important skills immediately. Act quickly to launch the beautiful combo chain and knock down opponents in no time.

You will be taken to different locations to perform your own battles, remember that no one will be able to help you in this situation other than yourself. You will have to control your character to destroy all opponents on the map, be careful if you do not want to start again from the number zero. The game is equipped with a third view that allows the player to watch the whole scene of fierce battles, which will make it easy for you to control your character and make the right decisions to win.

Intuitive display interface

One of the most important elements that you must pay attention to when fighting in the game is the amount of blood and energy of the character. If your blood count is too low or you return to 0, you will get the immediate failure, try to dodge attacks from enemies to keep the amount of blood is always full. In general, the necessary parameters in the game are extremely detailed on the experience screen, you can rely on it to make a reasonable attack or defense decision.

Successfully portrays the image of the hero in history

Although the graphics quality in the game only stops at 2D, what is displayed in the game extremely excellent. You will be able to visit real locations in the Three Kingdoms period, such as Red Cliffs, desolate areas or interesting sea battles,… Everything is waiting for you to experience in Legend of Dynasty, quick download game and Become a talented general right now.

Legend of Dynasty APK Download free for Android/iOS

Legend of Dynasty’s play is not so different from the games of the same genre but it brings a special appeal to the player. If you are an addictive role-playing game player with adventure elements, you should not miss the appearance of the Legend of Dynasty MOD APK in the gaming market. Believe us, the game will help you enjoy the moments of great fun experience as soon as the experience.

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