NameLaplace M
Publisher ZlongGames
Latest Version2.9.0
PlatformsAndroid 4.0, iOS 9.0
MOD FeaturesNo


After the success of Kingdom of the Wind in Taiwan and China, the publisher ZlongGames officially brought its products to players worldwide with another name Laplace M (APK + DATA). Overall, the gameplay Laplace M’s is not too different from the original version that promises to bring players great moments of experience right on their phones. It can be seen that this game is really more prominent in some aspects compared to the same genre like Ragnarok M: Eternal Love or The Legend Of Goddess certainly will not make you feel disappointed from the first time to enjoy. With more than 500,000 installations on Google Play, this game is really worth it in your phone right now. Let us learn some remarkable highlights that it brings in this article.

Select favorite characters

Before starting the game experience, you need to choose for yourself a character that suits you through the 4 classes of characters that the game brings. Each character in the game will possess a fighting style as well as a completely different set of skills, so you can quickly find the character you like best. Typically, Assassin will focus on melee attacks, while the Warrior is a class of characters with very high attack power and diversity in defense, Mage will use ancient magic and Cleric in favor of support teammates with built-in healing skills.

Besides, Laplace M also allows players to customize the appearance of their characters easily by changing hairstyle, eye color, facial expressions, hair color, … This will help You can create a character that is similar to your hobby to accompany you during the game. In addition, the characters can change their dress style through fashion stores. Here, players can change the most impressive costumes for their characters.

The gameplay is relatively familiar

Laplace M‘s gameplay is not much different from other MMORPG games in the current game market. The task of the player is to complete the assigned tasks to train themselves as well as receive rewards worthy to enhance the strength of their characters. Activities in the game are also quite diverse such as copy, PvP mode, boss fight … help players can quickly find an activity suitable for themselves to experience.

The way to organize PvP missions in the game is a little different than other games. No matter how high a player’s power is, it is not allowed to be comfortable outside of the city area. This is a way for publishers to limit and protect new players. Overall, this is a relatively unique but extremely suitable feature integrated into Laplace M.

Control mechanism has a small change

How to arrange the control system in Laplace M is really not much different from other products in the game market today. You will still control your character to move using the virtual steering wheel button integrated on the left side of the screen and perform actions as well as using skills through virtual buttons arranged reasonably well on the right corner of the screen. This will help players can easily manipulate with both hands during the game experience.

However, the biggest highlight comes from the control system in this game is that it has been upgraded quite a lot in terms of graphics to help players feel more interesting when enjoying the game. Overall, this is a not so much change but still makes us feel very impressed. How about you? Quickly download the game and experience to give your opinion through the comment feature below this article right away.

Unique pet features

The next notable point comes from Laplace M, a pet system with the name Guardian. This system allows players to develop different pets to put them into their squad. When the more active the player participates with the pet, the increased level of intimacy will make both sides stronger. In addition, you can catch pets on your way and turn it into your pet or collect cards to unlock rare and powerful pets.

The beautiful anime graphics style

With a graphics platform designed in the traditional anime style, Laplace M promises to bring players exciting moments of experience but equally lively through the extremely beautiful display quality. The characters in the game are invested thoroughly in terms of images as well as moving effects. This will help players feel the liveliness through the details displayed right on the phone screen. The special thing is that you can experience the game in a stable way on low-profile devices. This is considered a piece of good news for many players worldwide.


Although it was released not too long ago, Laplace M really makes players feel satisfied with what it brings. Participating in the game, you will be able to explore the very interesting journey through the friendly and extremely lovely characters built in. If you are a fan of MMORPGs combined with role-playing elements, this game will be a great choice in the time the game market is saturated as it is today.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Laplace M MOD APK or Laplace M Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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