NameKingdom of Hero: Tactics War
Publisher NEOWIZ
Latest Version1.06.002
PlatformsAndroid 4.1
MOD FeaturesOne Hit, God Mode, Full Map


If you have ever played games from NEOWIZ publishers such as Brown Dust or TAP SONIC World Champion, you will feel the pleasantness during the period of game experience. Most of these products are carefully chiseled in terms of visuals as well as unique gameplay, which ensure that brings a new experience to the players. Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War too, this is the latest product to join the NEOWIZ family. The game is built in the traditional role-playing style and combined with the ultimate tactical element that will make you feel extremely satisfied when enjoying. Currently, Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War is available on Google Play and the App Store, which allows players to easily download games and experience immediately.

Rescue the kingdom

Kingdom of Hero’s plot: Tactics War is built to be quite similar to other RPGs. You will have to transform into one of the two heroes Arthur or Vivian to carry out the mission to save the kingdom from the governance of evil goblins. Enemies are everywhere on the map, and you need to be careful in your battles if you do not want to be killed quickly. The game will bring players to exciting adventures but with that, you face many dangers to find a solution to save the kingdom.

Throughout this journey, you need to find like-minded people with you and join them in forming a powerful army in order to kill all enemies and complete the assigned mission. Are you ready to become a great leader in the Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War? Download the game via the APK link below the article and do this right away.

Intuitive display interface

The first hit of Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War is the interface system in the game that is relatively intuitive to help the players act easily. Key parameters such as energy, diamond, character index, etc. are directly displayed on the game screen, which allows you to see the character’s information easily.

In addition, the necessary features in the game are fully integrated on the screen to bring simplicity to the player as soon as the experience. Players will not need to act too much in the Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War, because some simple gestures can help you do the things you want in the game.

Tactical factor

Although built in traditional a role-playing styles, Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War is highly tactical. At each level of play, you need to arrange your characters in a designated area. Especially, this place is built in a hexagon, each of it contains a character, which makes the player free in the layout of his team as possible as reasonable.

In each battle, you will face a lot of different opponents so changing tactics will be a necessity. Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War brings a lot of exciting modes such as Adventure, Arena, Rune Dungeon, Rift, etc., allowing players to alternate modes to not feel bored when playing the game in a long time. In general, everything in this game uses a tactical element to solve the problem.

The multiplex system of characters

Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War brings a diverse system of characters with a variety of skills. Basing on the necessary information as numbers, skills, strength, … you can easily choose the proper characters with your team without wasting too much time. In addition, the game allows the players to increase the power of the team by upgrade level or take the pearls which are reasonable for characters, this will help their number grow fast and key the latest skills.

Images are carefully invested

The page is made a 3D graphic, which allows the display quality in the game to be upgraded. The details of the game are carefully invested in the image mask to take the eye-catching for the player when enjoying. The characters in the game are described in simple mode, but they owned the highlights of true warriors. In addition, you will be enjoyed the colorful battle and no less fierce by the smooth transition effects of Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War.


The appearance Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War will give players a more quality option to experience in the context of the rapidly saturated game market. The game is equipped with unique gameplay and the top tactical element promises to bring exciting moments really fun for players.

Depending on your needs, you can download Kingdom of Hero MOD APK or Kingdom of Hero Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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