NameJelly Merger
Publisher Ketchapp
Latest Version1.0
PlatformsAndroid 4.1, iOS 8.0
MOD FeaturesNo ADS


After the success of a series of popular products like Press Inc or Hoop Rush, the publisher Ketchapp officially launched the latest game called Jelly Merger (MOD, No ADS). This promises to be an extremely attractive and interesting game thanks to the special built-in features. Basically, the gameplay of this game is still built in a simple traditional style combined with a few special highlights during the experience process will certainly bring you great moments of relaxation right on your phone. The game is currently available on both App Store and Google Play, allowing players to easily download games and enjoy them quickly. Before coming to the game, you should consult this article to learn some highlights that it brings immediately.

Developed by a reputable publisher

It can be said that Ketchapp is one of the most famous game publishers in the world today. They continuously bring players extremely invested games in terms of gameplay as well as many other interesting features. Most games from this publisher are equipped with relatively simple gameplay aimed at the needs of many players at the present time. The success of Flippy Race or Spinny Gun has given Ketchapp a great source of motivation to continually release future products. Jelly Merger is one of them. You will enjoy the style of play extremely interesting along with a variety of gameplay during the game experience. What are you waiting for? Quickly download the game via the APK link below this article to start playing the game right now.

The gameplay is relatively easy to understand

Like other products, Jelly Merger owns relatively easy-to-understand gameplay with a simply designed interface that will make it easy to get used to the gameplay that the game offers easily. In the game, you need to merge the Jellies in the game to discover the new shapes they bring. Each shape of Jellies will correspond to a certain amount, so the more you combine, the higher your score will be.

It can be said that the play of Jelly Merger is inspired by the legendary 2048 game, then improved some of the necessary points to create an extremely attractive game. In the game, you will be provided with 12 circular boxes to arrange the Jellies so that it is reasonable. Each The Jellies will occupy a certain round box, you need to merge them to make room for the next Jellies to appear.

The Jellies will earn points by accepting the bullets coming from the cannon that is integrated into the experience screen, so you need to make sure they are in the best position to be able to catch the bullet. Remember the bullets in the game will bounce to other positions. Your task is to adjust the position of the Jellies continuously to help them change their shape quickly.
In addition, you can buy new Jellies with the money you earned earlier. Remember that the higher the number of Jellies on the screen, the higher the amount to be spent, so you should merge them before buying a Jellies to optimize the money you earn.

The number of screens is extremely diverse

The next special feature from Jelly Merger is that it is integrated with a number of extremely diverse screens to allow players to freely experience without having to worry about the challenge to conquer. In addition, the game also brings more than 20 different Jellies shapes to keep players interested in the process of enjoying. You should remember to upgrade and merge Jellies is not easy at all so you will need a lot of time if you want to explore all the shapes of Jellies integrated into this game.

In general, this game is built on the principle of physics so you need to carefully observe the bounce of the bullets fired from the cannon so that you can choose to place the Jellies properly. Note, this is a completely free game so you may encounter advertising status throughout the game experience. Get used to it so you don’t feel uncomfortable every time the ad appears.

Nice image quality

Image quality in the game is designed quite beautifully, along with the details that are engraved in the familiar animation style that promises to bring players the comfort of gaming experience. You will be able to discover images of jellies in the game combined with a reasonable image layout from the publisher that promises to bring you great moments of relaxation. In addition, the game’s transition effect is relatively smooth, so you can experience the game in a stable way on low-profile devices.


It is too early to conclude whether Jelly Merger can succeed as the previous products from Ketchapp publisher, but we firmly believe that it will help the player get a great experience from the first time you enjoy. This game possesses extremely simple gameplay along with a series of built-in charismatic features that will surely not be a bad choice for you in the time when the game market is saturated like nowadays.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Jelly Merger MOD APK or Jelly Merger Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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