NameHungry Shark Heroes
Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment
Latest Version2.3
PlatformsAndroid 4.4
MOD FeaturesNo


Following the success of previous releases, Ubisoft Entertainment continues to launch a game that focuses on exploiting the traditional shark theme. Hungry Shark Heroes brings a completely new way of playing compared to previous versions, which will definitely make you feel great during the experience. In the game, you will be building the ferocious shark army to fight against players around the world via an internet connection. Although recently released, Hungry Shark Heroes received a lot of support from the players, promising to continue to become a successful product from the publisher of this reputation. Let’s find out the attraction of this game.

Different Context

Compared to the previous version as Hungry Shark Evolution or Hungry Shark World, these Hungry Shark Heroes is really a perfect upgrade to the image and the gameplay brings. The task of the player in the game is quite unique, you will have to build an ideal ecosystem under the ocean for shark farming. Each type of shark will have a different need for life, which means you have to capture the needs of each species in order to best meet their needs. Initially, you can only own small sharks and try to turn them into real warriors through the battle with the opponent. Each battle will bring a lot of trophies to players, so win to be able to optimize the advantages that they bring.

Customize your own base

Hungry Shark Heroes allow players the freedom to build their own base. The tutorial system will appear to help you get acquainted with how to operate the game easily. After that, everything will be decided by you and without any intervention from the game. Players can build different buildings, they will bring certain benefits to help you quickly own the sharks in the game.

Shark training

After completing any work, you will own a shark for yourself. Make sure food is abundant to help it always achieve the state of the best, and participate in training sessions to develop shark in a positive direction and turning them into soldiers warlike in battle forthcoming. In addition, the Hungry Shark Heroes also allow sharks to mate with each other, through which players can witness the birth of a new member in the family. This shows that the game is not only the battle of fierce but also the love couples, the family feeling sacred.

Hungry Shark Heroes brings more than 120 species of sharks with different shapes and powers, and players can collect sharks that match their team. With species like Megalodon prehistoric, Cretoxyrhina tyrant, swell shark cute … you can easily pick and perfect your team in a short amount of time.

Fierce battle

Players can engage in fierce battles right after completing their squad. You will have to compete with players all over the world, they will bring the various tactics to make you lose easily. Pay attention to the shark’s stats, each of which will have different uses such as labor, support, etc. This will make the sharks become inseparable.

If the opponent launches a shark with the desire for peace, then you must quickly bring about intense attacks before they hit a decent move. In each battle, you are allowed to carry two types of sharks to fight and may change in certain situations. If you feel any disadvantage, then launch another shark, it will help you regain the game and overturned the situation easily.

Extremely beautiful graphics

Like the previous version, Hungry Shark Heroes are equipped with graphical format extremely beautiful with the familiar 3D format. Players will enjoy the fascinating sharks battle through these images can be dressed quite thoroughly. In addition, shark species in the game is vividly reproduced promising to make players feel excited from the first time to enjoy. Overall, the quality of the show has always been the focus of Ubisoft’s publisher.

Hungry Shark Heroes is a great upgrade

Hungry Shark Heroes did not betray the player while bringing newly improved immensely compared to the previous version. This is a great game to experience in the present, it owns different gameplay with sharp image quality will definitely attract players as soon as the game experience.

Depending on your needs, you can download Hungry Shark Heroes MOD APK or Hungry Shark Heroes Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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Hungry Shark Heroes: Version Shark of Ubisoft Entertainment
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