NameHeroes of Warland
Publisher Nitro Games Oyj
Latest Version1.2.0
PlatformsAndroid 4.3, iOS 9.0
MOD FeaturesNo


FPS games are no stranger to players around the world, and there are plenty of hit games on the market, such as the Dead Effect 2 or Critical Ops, which bring players in the most exciting battles and excited when experiencing. But in this article, we will introduce readers the game Heroes of Warland – a game built in FPS style but minimized in terms of gameplay will certainly create a dramatic atmosphere for players Through fascinating battles. Heroes of Warland is available on the App Store and Google Play, where you can download games and enjoy them quickly.

Complete the basic training

Before you join the game, you need to pass the training course is built in order to become familiar with how to manipulate and gameplay. Here, the player will have to move in the direction of arrows, while doing shots at the enemy and completing the training course in the earliest time. Overall, this is a very useful feature to help players do not spend too much time to better understand the gameplay of Heroes of Warland.

Customize your own character

After completing the in-game training, players can choose their own character for companionship throughout the experience. Heroes of Warland brings a lot of character customization to the player so you can easily create a character that owns the looks to your liking. Each character in the game will own different attack and defense stats, so you need to consider carefully before choosing to avoid regret.

Join the battle of life and death

You can start the join into the battle of the game after the selected kernel is successful. Heroes of Warland mang đến single mode and the Team for the game help the change of the alternate session when you did not give your home state. If single mode selection means that you will join the battle alone and do not get help from anyone. Players can move on their own and make the right decisions to destroy all the opponents on the map, thereby winning quickly. The match will take place in a certain time period, people with the highest score will knock out the victory in the game screen. Note, after being knocked down you can revive at a random location on the map and continue fighting until the time runs out.

Team mode requires the player to coordinate with his teammates if they do not want to lose quickly. Be realistic and always watch your teammates, you should appear to support them in urgent situations. Overall, this is a very appropriate mode with the preferences you have teamwork and express unique tactical thinking. Are you ready to become the best player in Heroes of Warland yet? Download the game using the APK link below and do it right now.

Tournaments worldwide

Heroes of Warland brings interactivity to players by creating large-scale tournaments. Players can interact directly with each other through the internet connection, which will make the games in the tournament more exciting and exciting than ever. Register to participate, it will help you learn a lot of experience while training your fighting skills.

Beautiful graphics

The picture quality of the game is designed in the style of animation is relatively funny but still highlights the fierce battle through beautifully detailed. In addition, you will be taken to different locations to perform your battles, which will help you not feel bored when enjoying the game long. However, the transition effects in the game are not really smooth, which makes the player experience can be affected quite a lot.

Sound system invested carefully

Unlike image quality, the sound system in Heroes of Warland is carefully invested promising to bring the players extremely exciting and equally fierce battle. The sound of bullet bombs will be lively, contributing to the excitement of the player right after the game experience.

The end

Heroes of Warland would be a great choice for those who love the simplicity of the gameplay, but still feel the intensity that brings FPS genre. The game is not integrated spectacular graphics quality as well as the style of play quite familiar but could please even the players do not require too high of mobile game products.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Heroes of Warland MOD APK or Heroes of Warland Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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