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    Hero Hunters APK Download - 3D FPS shooting game for Android/iOS

  • Publisher Hothead Games
  • Platforms Android 4.4+ iOS 9.0+
  • MOD Features No
  • Price Free
  • Size 95M
  • Latest Version 1.13
  • Date Updated January 17, 2019

According to official information we received, producer Hothead Games officially announced the release of the game Hero Hunters worldwide. Currently, this game is available for free on the Google Play and App Store rankings, with a capacity of 109.2 MB for all mobile phones. As an action role-playing game the MOBA combines FPS, promising to give players a great experience in 2018. Now, invite everyone with we to explore the shooting game in with this.

Introduce Hero Hunters – The game FPS combines MOBA

Is a game FPS combination MOBA, quite similar to the other games of the same genre is FPS Shooter Of War: Битва героя and Hero Mission in previous articles I have introduced. It can be said that Hero Hunters quite popular in the market today, thanks to the play and modern style. Set in the future world, at that time the two armed forces from the United States (UAF) clashed with the law, causing the bloody battle no end.

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Start a war without end

Open head the game Hero Hunters, your task is controlling the UAF forces engaged in combat. In a squad that will have five characters battling enemies on the other side of the battlefield, coordinates and destroy all enemies to win the US troop. Try to destroy all the opponents on the other side of the battlefield, to win the war for your army.

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Control system familiar

The control of game Hero Hunters is very simple, you just touch and move your character on the phone screen, move the gun combination to knock down opponents of the battlefield. In this heat-setting arena, you will have to bump into so many different opponents around the world, promising to bring players a great experience in this 2018.

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Weapon systems

Hero Hunters have advanced weapons systems, with heavy guns that can attack and kill enemies quickly. Typically, some powerful guns such as the AK47, M4A1, Guns 541,… help the player to choose. Unfortunately, if you want own tasks these weapons, you need to do regular tasks, to open the gift box on a daily basis.

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Diverse character system

Diverse character systems, with a variety of character classes, possess unique and different features. Beautiful images, through each color, is extremely brilliant, will definitely give players a very interesting experience. In addition, Hero Hunters offers players two different arena modes, including 5V5 online mode and solo 1Vs1 mode. Therefore, you need to complete the task assigned as soon as possible.

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Graphics and sound

In terms of graphics, Hero Hunter brings 3D style extremely beautiful and delicate, with the most advanced design in the world. You can look at character systems, weapons, interfaces, and many other features, which are extremely well looked after. In addition, the sound system is very exciting, through the gun battle scenes, will create a special highlight for this game. What are you waiting for, you can now join game Hero Hunters arena shooting FPS incorporates MOBA this.

The end

Overall, Hero Hunters APK is one of the most games successful have a style FPS combined MOBA in 2018. If you love the combination FPS genre MOBA can download Hero Hunters for Android / iOS for free. In addition, we also offer you the version Hero Hunters MOD APK, which helps people experience smooth and non-lag. Do not forget, regularly visit we website every day, to update more new games.

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