NameHello Cats
Publisher Fastone Games
Latest Version1.5.5
PlatformsAndroid 4.1+ iOS 8.0+
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gems


Hello Cats is a game that is built in the traditional style of puzzles from publisher Fastone Games. In the game, you will have to constantly harass your cat and make him always feel angry. The special feature is the image element in the game, although not owned by the high-end graphics format, but the details in the game are described quite fun and create a lively player throughout the process enjoy the game. Let’s find out the fascinating points from this game right away.

Hateful cat

Cats are a very common animal to us, they have a very cute look and a smooth coat that will definitely bring you sympathy right away. But the cat in Hello Cats the opposite, with the face always grimace and annoyed with everything around the owner is extremely angry and always trying to harass. This is a pretty lazy cat, you need to punish and teach it life-saving lessons right away. Join the game by downloading the game via the APK link below the article and create the game to break it right now.

Rational calculation

The gameplay in Hello Cats to make it difficult for the player, you will have to create objects by drawing on the screen to make the cat move quickly. The mechanism of action in the game follows the laws of physics quite closely, if not meet the requirements you will not be able to shake the position of the cat. Make the right decision before making your decision because you will be very difficult to fix your mistakes in this game.

Draw to win

Hello Cats do not bring too much manipulation, simply touching the screen to perform drawing. The game allows you to draw any shape that can make the cat move. This means that there will be so many ways to win in each game screen, through which players will be comfortable bringing innovative and unique shape depending on your drawing. These first screens play will be relatively easy to help players to grasp the game quickly. The guidance system will appear to ensure that the player’s operations are performed smoothly. You need to pay attention to the instructions from the game, which will help you a lot during the game.

Difficulty in the game will increase rapidly in the next game, you will have to face many obstacles on the map. Note, players will not be limited to the number of times in the game that you can continuously create different shapes to perform the task assigned. After completing the game, the rating system will appear to determine the number of stars you have earned in that level. If done too many times manipulation means that the stars you receive will be less.

The game allows the player can perform the game screen before going after the defeat. This is quite reasonable if the player has to do everything from the beginning will be easy to cause the boring situation and drop the game soon after. You need to understand what mistakes you have made so that you can improve quickly. Maybe you will need to make the game screen in a lot of times but keep calm and timely corrective.

Quality display beautifully

Hello Cats owning a graphics format is not too fancy, but still ensures the beauty of the player during the experience. The images in the game bring bright colors, successfully depicted the image of a mischievous but quite cute cat. The details in the game are vividly described in combination with extremely smooth transition effects that allow players to experience stability on low profile devices.

Background music attractive

Actually, the sound system in the game does not have so much difference compared to the usual game. The background music that is integrated throughout the game experience will make you feel comfortable, thereby creating the focus to use thinking in a maximum way. Other noises will be generated each time the player performs the operation but this is not very impressive for us.


There are too many products intended for players who love the game simple line on the current gaming market. With the appearance of Hello Cats MOD APK, it will give you a more tailored choice. The game is equipped with unique gameplay immensely in conjunction with the images depicted beautifully will definitely make you feel comfortable right from the first game experience. What are you waiting for? Download the game and enjoy it now does.

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