NameHay Day
Publisher Supercell
Latest Version1_41_17
PlatformsAndroid 4.0.3, iOS 9.0
MOD FeaturesNo


Hay Day is an on global farm management game, spend a lot of interest from players. Released by the company Supercell exclusively on Android and iOS platforms for free. with a gentle playful, peaceful country style, the farm game perfect for entertaining after a day of study and working tired. If you are a farm game enthusiast, can participate in the game Hay Day are the most popular in the world at the present time.

Introduce Hay Day – A new type of farm game

A fun farm game that depicts a farmer’s day-to-day work in a remote countryside. There are no people living there, and only some of the deserted abandoned farms have no caretakers. Are you ready to challenge restore farms and make it green again as in the beginning yet? If you are well prepared, let’s experience game Hay Day right during the Lunar New Year this.

How to play

The Opening beginning of the game, you will be transformed into a true farmer in Hay Day. You will be the owner of a small farm with a number of cottages, farm fields, rudimentary farm. Your daily task is to get started with farming, with some seeds available that Hay Day provides for you. You have to sow seeds, watering until you crops are flowering. At that time, you can harvest and sell farm produce in stock, to have a lot of money, which can buy more expensive seeds, plants, and items other.

When harvesting crops on the farm, you will earn some experience points, experience points higher your level will increase. In addition, you can use the extra experience points to unlock more items, plants and a lot of other interesting features. There are countless varieties of seeds, plants, and animals, giving you the freedom to choose from on your farm. A very interesting point in Hay Day is that the tree’s life will be wilted after 3 harvests. If help, your crop will be harvested three more times, until it is completely wilted and you are forced to break it down to grow new ones.


In the game Hay Day, in addition to growing trees collecting or farm produce, pets are also a special element of the game that attracts a large number of players around the globe. There are many pets for you to care for, with typical cute shapes such as cow, chicken, goat, pig, … In particular, Hay Day also has a dog to help you look home to avoid friends to steal. To feed this dog, you need to buy a home, food and drink regularly.

Trading get trade

When you reach level 17, the system will automatically unlock for you own a harbor. Here, you can use the ship to trade worldwide. Each shipment world trade, you have to wait 4 hours for the ship to return the port, and continue to bring you new shipments. Necessary, use 5 diamonds to ship immediately if you have conditions. In addition to using boats to trade agricultural products and cribs, they can also be used for fishing. In order to catch the fish, you need a lake house, bait, fishing rod, to follow the journey. Follow Hay Day’s instructions to catch the biggest fish on the farm.

Some interesting features in Hay Day

  • Hay Day supports the player rotation lucky every day
  • Unlock the character of Tom at level 14 to have the opportunity to own items and vouchers extremely poisonous.
  • Shrimp rent after 3 days, you will have 15 diamonds used every day
  • At level 7, you are entitled to unlock Roadside Shop
  • Join the community, make friends, chat with the community Hay Day around the world
  • Agricultural theft help the neighbors in the care of plants, all will on in Hay Day

Graphics and sound

Bringing beautiful 3D graphics and bright colors, Hay Day is the game mobile simulator. The design of homes, trees, and pets are very cute and eye-catching, bringing the feeling of light entertainment for players. Besides, the sound system, with soft and deep background music, is very suitable for gameplay of farm products. If you are a fan of farm simulation games, Hay Day will surely make you feel happy and comfortable every day.


Since its launch in 2012, the game Hay Day been a farm game reaching a record high of more than 20,000 players around the world. Currently, games that support the Android and iOS platforms, you can download the free high-speed Hay Day APK for Android powered by via the link below. In addition, you can also access Google Play and the AppStore to search for Hay Day keywords as well.

Depending on your needs, you can download Hay Day MOD APK or Hay Day Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

Hay Day: Farm with Friends and Family
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