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    Download Guns of Boom APK V4.9.1 (MOD AIM, Ammo) for Android/iOS

  • Publisher Game Insight
  • Platforms Android 4.1+ iOS 9.0+
  • Price Free
  • Size 98M
  • Latest Version 4.9.1
  • Date Updated December 10, 2018

Although Guns of Boom has been out for quite some time now, it’s still one of the top action games of all time. This game has received a lot of success with extremely simple but competitive gameplay, promising to bring intense and gunfights. The game was developed by Game Insight’s publisher and quickly became one of their strategic trump card on the gaming market. Guns of Boom is now available on Google Play and the App Store, making it easy for gamers to download games and enjoy game this. In this article, I will introduce you to some of the highlights from the game.

Introduction Guns of Boom – The fight never-ending

Gangs in the city are constantly emerging, which has led to the emergence of wars to divide the area. Every battle in the Guns of Boom for Android will be a battle of life and death, you can not lose this battle if you do not want to return to the motherland easily. You will not be alone in this game, your teammates will appear and create a great interaction that will bring you intense and stressful. Have you prepared everything for an endless war?

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How to control game Guns of Boom

Control system in Guns of Boom is not too complicated if you have experienced the same game can be familiar with the operation in this game quickly. Every move, as well as shooting, grenade launching, healing, are integrated directly through the experience screen, which will definitely help you to master it without spending too much time to learn.

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Destroy all opponents

Guns of Boom’s operating style is quite similar to today’s shooter titles. The player will team up with three of his teammates to form a team to confront other players. The war in the Guns of Boom for iOS will be regulated for a certain period of time. The score of each team will determine the result of the match if the higher score at the end of the specified time will win the game. This will help to speed up the game, help players constantly encounter and make shoot the gun extremely fierce.

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Diversity map

The map is also very important in this game if you experience the game long enough to be able to grasp the hiding places create an advantage in front of the enemy. Take advantage of the opportunities you have, if you miss too many opportunities you can be knocked down quickly. The sounds that emanate from the character’s footsteps can also cause you to be detected by the enemy, paying attention to the sounds around it that will help you detect and sense the enemy’s location. After being defeated, your character can revive for a few seconds at his base. Do not let that happen many times, the opponent can kill you and accumulate the necessary score, thereby winning the final.

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System equipped with extremely diverse

Guns of Boom APK offers a richly equipped system where players can choose according to their personal preferences or the power they possess. Weapons such as rifles, pistols, hammers, knives,… are fully integrated into a variety of shapes, offering a variety of players to experience exciting. In addition, you can own new clothes for your character by the amount collected through each match. This will bring new things, players will not feel bored while enjoying the game for a long time.

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Design and sound

In terms of graphics, Guns of Boom owns a very beautiful 3D platform, with meticulous images and characters. With the perfect design, from the bright colors are applied to the game, promise the next time this will be an extremely great turning point. In addition, the sound system also brings the exciting phase, will definitely make the player feel satisfied. What to expect, now you can enjoy this game under the link below this review.


Everything in this game is arranged in harmony, creating fun for players to experience. Guns of Boom delivers excellent graphics quality, along with traditional cartoon style with all ages players. Overall, there is nothing to criticize about this game, you can download the game and make the most accurate comments as soon as you enjoy the game. Do not forget to regularly visit our website every day, to update more new games. If you want to support our website, can click on the ads code to help companies develop a better day.

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