Publisher DVloper
Latest Version1.7.3
PlatformsAndroid 4.0+ iOS 7.0+
MOD FeaturesGod Mode


If you’re so frustrated with the brightest games on the market today, then Granny will make you feel scared by the haunted and heartbeat to the extreme. This game is developed in the style of horror with the puzzle, forcing players to solve the mystery brought by the game can win. When you lose you know what your destiny will be in Granny. This game is developed by the DVloper publisher, on both Android and iOS free operating systems. Like all other games in the genre, Granny is quite picky players, only suitable for those who want to experience something new and explore the truth behind the puzzle difficult. Download and experience the moments of horror in Granny just yet.

Welcome to the home of Granny

The plot of the game is not too fancy but still brings the necessary fear for the entire player. You will be transformed into a character who has just woken up and does not understand what happened to him, woke up in an abandoned house had never set foot. By nature, you will surely panic, scream and do anything to get out of here. But in Granny, if you cannot keep calm, you will die in vain. Not just a bungalow, it was inhabited by an old lady named Granny mental, luckily for you that she was blind and did not see everything around. But do not be too hasty, in return, she has the ability to hear everything very well by ear, any small noise will be detected. The task of the player is to do everything in silence, you must find all the necessary items to escape this scary home. Help the character out of this place with your intelligence and calm right now.

The horror-struck repeatedly

Granny is a puzzle game with the screenplay, with each level you will face different challenges that require the ability to observe the situation and make use of everything before it is too late. Of course, the first screen will be very simple to help you get acquainted and feel excited when the experience. But do not hurry, because the harder challenges are waiting for you to be more horrible. Prepare yourself before you conquer all the levels, good luck with this game.

Calm can come to the pinnacle

When discovered by Granny, players should not run away if she does not want to be brutally destroyed. You have to keep calm and take advantage of her blindness, hide in safe places like bed or cabinet and continue to observe the situation. After everything is normal, you can continue your work, but be careful.

It’s not easy to solve the hidden mysteries in this game, this does not mean that you cannot solve puzzles. You have to manipulate your imagination, with the correct assertion in the decisive situation to be able to win. There are so many players all over the world that have solved all compelling Granny’s screenplay, the publisher to keep up with new difficult newcomers. Are you ready to conquer the exciting levels in this game yet?

Graphics and sound characterized horror

Graphics and sound are the souls of horror games, as it causes deep hidden mysteries. Granny is a fun and addictive game, with a first-person perspective that will definitely make you feel sweaty. The sound of the game is not too choppy with the quietness of the house, some gentle breathing of the character and footsteps creeping enough to make you feel the horror of it.

Download Granny MOD APK – Best horror game for Android/iOS

Overall, Granny is worth the experience, as this game brings the necessary breakthroughs compared to the usual horror games. But with the fear brought, the game will not fit the younger audience or weak heart at all. You should consider carefully before exploring this game because you can be startled at any time.

Depending on your needs, you can download Granny MOD APK or Granny Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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Granny: Welcome to Granny!
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