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  • App details
  • Publisher Sunborn Games
  • Platforms Android 4.0.3+ iOS 9.0+
  • Price Free
  • Size 96M
  • Latest Version 2.0221_268
  • Date Updated October 29, 2018

Come to Girls’ Frontline, you will be immersed in the world of beautiful girls, this game is suitable for men who are not found half their own. With this game, you will have new feelings, after the stressful working hours. If you are a fan of card games or an anime fanatic, Girls’ Frontline will be a great game to experience this May. Game copyright is being released by Sunborn Games, exclusively on both the Android and iOS mobile platforms. The game has been released for quite some time in China and Korea, but it has to wait until now for Girls’ Frontline to be widely developed in the world. In this article, I will be together to learn about some notable points of the game this.

Introduce Girls’ Frontline – Strategy game full beautiful girl

Each game is released, each carrying a plot from simple to complex. A good plot and depth will be a highlight that attracts many powerful players. Girls’ Frontline for Android is the same, it is manufacturer focused on the coherent and easy to understand the storyline, to create an interest for players. The game is set in the future, as technological advances bring people closer to new things, seemingly impossible to happen. Collapse technology is one of the most evident evidence that it allows people to explore unidentified living things. There are a few who have leaked this liquid, greatly affecting the lives of many countries. Poisoning quickly spread throughout the world, causing many people to be exposed to radiation, directly threatening the lives of all human beings.

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At this point, scientists have embarked on making tools to fight the catastrophe. They launched the T-Dolls, with their unique abilities and extremely beautiful looks. T-Dolls are programmed with a pure soul without jealousy, jealousy as human beings. You will be transformed into these robots, with the mission to protect humanity before the catastrophe. Will, you do it, or be frustrated by this difficulty?

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Card style with impressive strategy gameplay

Girls’ Frontline gives players a great strategy game, in order to defeat the powerful enemy you need to assemble the best army to fight. As the card game develops, so different arrangements will bring different effects. You should use a lot of tactics, to choose the most appropriate tactics.

download girls frontline apk


The gameplay of Girls’ Frontline for iOS fast paced if you do not have the knowledge of the game will lead to fast failure. Control is not as much as other titles, you just need to sort the elite army and sit to enjoy the victory. After each match, you can upgrade your cards to make them stronger with many levels in the game. The strength of these cards is based on the rank they possess. With the upgraded system constantly updated, players will not be able to take their eyes off the phone screen.

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Graphics and sound quality

Graphics of Girls’ Frontline is designed in 3D format, taking the idea from anime characters are extremely beautiful and charming. With the sweet voices of the famous actors in Japan, it makes the players feel excited and excited when the experience. Believe that in the future, the game will attract a large number of players from around the world.

The ending

If you are an anime favorite series fan, do not miss out on the chance to experience Girls’ Frontline APK. With a game size of only 96MB, you are still hesitant to download games without a game, and mix with the world full of calculations but no less attractive now?

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