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  • Publisher FourThirtyThree
  • Platforms Android 6.0+ iOS 8.0+
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  • Size 42M
  • Latest Version 1.12.10
  • Date Updated December 12, 2018

The ghosts are invading the neighborhood where you live, they constantly harass and disturb the lives of people here. You have to act fast before things get bad, come to Ghostbusters World to collect the ghosts and protect the peace of the people. This is a game developed in the style AR, this will bring up feeling extremely perfect experience for players. It can be said Ghostbusters World is really a noteworthy upgrade version of Pokemon Quest – a game that made the wind in the game market not long ago. Let’s take a look at some of the features from this game to better understand it.

AR technology

This is not the first time that AR technology has been applied to mobile games. it appeared long ago and received a lot of positive feedback from players worldwide. Ghostbusters World is also like that, the game is based on the Google ARCore platform and ARKit from Apple will definitely make you feel very charismatic during the game enjoyment. With owning this striking feature, players will be witnessing the ghost right in everyday life, thereby collecting them and created his own ghost squad. Is not it great? Download the game using the APK link below this article and do it now.

download ghostbusters world

Some notes before you start to experience

To experience the game, the first thing you need to do is to equip your phone with a stable internet connection. Because this is a game that creates the interaction between the real world and the virtual environment in the game, you need to own the speed Internet meets the requirements do not have interrupt when experiencing. Players will be provided a character in the game to realize the process of ghosts full of thorns and dangerous. You are allowed to choose male or female characters according to your own preferences. Then pick out a really cool name and start the game immediately come on.

Catch ghosts in the real world

Ghostbusters World‘s gameplay style is similar to the famous Pokemon GO game, where players must find a way to collect the ghosts that appear around them and turn them into a powerful army. Your task is quite simple, you just use the supplied gun to be able to damage the ghost quickly. Each ghost will have a certain amount of defense, so be quick and agile before they can counterattack. Players will have to move constantly to search for randomly placed ghosts on the map, remember that the map in the game is also where you are living. This will help players to feel the dynamics and always feel thrilled during the game.

download ghostbusters world apk

System ghosts in Ghostbusters World are integrated relatively diverse as bringing souls are derived from movies, comics, video games or some ghosts are inspired by daily life. They will contribute to making the world exciting in the game and help players feel like playing in the game really. In addition, you can build your own ghost army to scare other players through Story Mode.

Graphics are fairly

Because it is based on the interaction between the game and real life, so the image quality in the game is not so beautiful. However, the pictures in the game are arranged quite well in conjunction is described quite sharp, sure to make you feel satisfied. The ghosts in the game are portrayed relatively successfully, bringing the odd shape but still very adorable, promising to make players extremely comfortable as soon as the game experience.

Extremely great sound

The sound system in the game really strong impression, background music through incredibly charismatic. You will enjoy the sound extremely horror and mystery when joining the game. This will bring some fear to the players and make them always worry about the threat of ghosts in Ghostbusters World.

Ghostbusters World MOD APK Download for Android/iOS

If you are looking for a game built in traditional AR style, Ghostbusters World MOD APK is the perfect choice for you. Although its gameplay is not so much different from the games of the same genre, it still offers a very enjoyable experience for gamers. Are you ready to take on the quest to find the ghosts in this game yet? Quickly download games and realize your desires right away.

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