NameFun Run 3: Arena
Publisher Dirtybit
Latest Version2.15.0
PlatformsAndroid 4.1, iOS 8.0
MOD FeaturesGod Mode


With more than 90 million players for the previous two Fun Run and Fun Run 2 titles, publisher Dirtybit has continued to bring their newest product is Fun Run 3 (MOD, God Mode). This game has been around for quite some time Game School and gets a lot of support from players all over the world. Basically, the gameplay of Fun Run 3 does not have much of a change from its predecessors, but it possesses great improvements, promising to make the player feel very excited about the bonus. So far, the game has reached 5,000,000 installs on Google Play and continues to grow in recent times. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from this game.

The return of a blockbuster

Currently on the gaming market appeared many games are built in the style of traditional race. Therefore, the appeal of Fun Run and Fun Run 2 has been significantly reduced. So Dirtybit has decided to develop a new product to compete with other competitors. Fun Run 3 has inherited many of the highlights of its senior generation while keeping the fun race will surely make players go from surprise to surprise. You are prepared to join the Fun Run 3 arena yet, show your talent and become the first destination.

Manipulate extremely simple control

Fun Run 3‘s gameplay is straightforward so the gameplay is relatively easy for players to master quickly. You just touch the up and down buttons on the right of the experience screen to help the character move his way. The circle on the right of the screen has the role of controlling the character to launch the skills that are integrated to attack other opponents. In general, the simple control system that Fun Run 3 will help players do not take too much time to get acquainted.

Interesting race

Fun Run 3 will take players to the race very interesting and exciting, you will find a way to become the winner of each game screen. To create interactivity in the game, you can compare players with other players around the world through an internet connection.

The arena in Fun Run 3 is a contest between eight players, with only three of the eight players winning the reward after finishing the race. This shows that this is a very competitive race, you need to overcome the other competitors and in the top 3 to become the final winner.

Especially as the riders in the game are not the normal human beings are animals which are designed in the style extremely funny. It will be great if you control the tigers, leopards, mice, elephants, monkeys … make their own race and become the leader at each level.


When you participate in the race you will face a lot of obstacles appear on the track, take reasonable action and avoid them to not slow down. The venues in Fun Run 3 are not just straight roads but also cold rivers or dark forests. The characters in the game can be moved underwater easily, you can control them to make the high score swimmers to outstrip the opponents on the shore immediately. Note, the movement speed of the character in the water will be faster on the shore but be careful of the obstacles ahead of time.

System extremely diverse skills

Fun Run helps highlight 3 or charismatic skill system is integrated into the game is quite diverse. Each character will own different skills to make the race more attractive than ever. You can use your skills to reduce your opponent’s speed or speed increase for themselves sensibly to achieve the highest efficiency. Especially the player can specify the target to attack, it will help you shorten the distance with your opponent in the necessary situations.


Fun Run 3 possesses many highlights to help players can enjoy the leisure moments extremely great gaming experience. In addition to the gameplay, the game is equipped with beautiful image quality along with vibrant sound system promises to bring exciting and interesting races for you during the enjoyment. If you are a fan of traditional racing games should not miss Fun Run 3, try to download the game with the APK link below to get the most feel right now.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Fun Run 3: Arena MOD APK or Fun Run 3: Arena Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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