Publisher NetEase Games
Latest Version0.10.115
PlatformsAndroid 4.0+
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In this article, invite all of you to learn about the game FortCraft APK, one of the recent survival genres. There is not much to say about this game, you can understand it as a fake version of Fortnite Royale Mobile about everything from the gameplay to the graphics built into the familiar animation. However, publisher NetEase Games has brought many changes and improvements, so we should not be too strict about the same or not, just enjoy the game and have the best experience is too enough. The game is currently released on both the Android and iOS operating systems, although the genre is pretty much competitive. If you are curious about this product, can you together to find out more about FortCraft this.

Do everything to survive

Perhaps, the island is an ideal place for survival games today, most of the games of this genre began the fight to survive here. FortCraft too will bring you and other players to a deserted island where no one lives to start a war of survival. To get the initial advantage, players should choose the appropriate landing location, the place off the edge of the island is not a bad idea at all. It will help you avoid the enemies you need when not ready to confront them.

Starting the battle, you will have to look for equipment that is used to attack or defend quickly, preventing the enemy from being killed easily. Maybe from the very beginning, you can face the enemy, but be calm to make the best decision. If they own weapons while you are not equipped, find a way to hide and find the opportunity to return. Do not be too confident in your ability, the cost is very expensive there.

Tactics and reflexes

After being equipped, this is also the time of continual clashes. Be wise to avoid futile battles. As a game that requires a lot of tactics, so you need to ensure your life is safe before trying to kill the enemy because you can be shot by others in any situation.

Like other survival games, FortCraft owns around boat every level. it will bring players closer together, thereby speeding the game to the peak. The last survivor is the owner of the cold head, with great judgment.

These new features

In addition to the classic gunfights, FortCraft also allows players to create strong defensive bases to help you feel more secure. There will be no need to gather materials to build a base like other survival games, just move to the designated location to be able to create defensive towers easily. If the creation of the defense system is a great backdrop for the player, then Bazooka is the destroyer that FortCraft brings. This will make the game more stressful than ever, the Bazooka guns will be randomly placed on the map, who owns it will grasp a lot of advantages in this war of survival. However, the number of Bazooka is limited, you use it properly to achieve the best effect offline.

Design 3D

Graphics quality is also a highlight in FortCraft, where the game is applied to the latest 3D graphics in the world. Games bring in so great images as PUBG Mobile or ARK: Survival Evolved, but still, bring the best experience for players. With many bright colors, the characters are portrayed in the familiar cartoon style, suitable for all ages now. The graphics are not so prominent, which is also the factor that helps FortCraft attract players around the globe. You can experience the game smoothly, without having to worry about jerk on low profile machines. This is also a highlight of the game coming from NetEase Games maker.

Is FortCraft an excellent game?

Based on this review, it can not be asserted that FortCraft can beat the same category in the market. But at least with what this game brings, it will definitely make you feel good. And give players a new alternative when they want to experience fierce battles.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download FortCraft MOD APK or FortCraft Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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